What’s new in The Life of Lilly?

This month marks three years of blogging on The Life of Lilly. It sounds super weird to say, but I feel like this blog has become like a close friend. I’ve been able to share thoughts and feelings on here about quite deeply personal issues and I never thought that, in this blog, I would find something I could turn to in troubling times. And in happier moments, this blog has been a wonderful part of my life – I’ve adored being able to do what I love the most – writing from the heart.

I’ve undoubtedly grown a lot over these three years and there were times where I took months off of contributing here. But The Life of Lilly is a home to which I will always be able to return. It’s a friend who opens the door and beckons me inside with welcoming arms.

Iโ€™ve been enjoying the summer in Oxfordshire!

Acknowledging the pattern

After three years of blogging (as well as previous blogs of mine), I’ve noticed a pattern with my writing habits. I tend to go quiet after Christmas, have 9 months of sporadic posts and then get really motivated around September until the end of the year. I won’t lie to you – that’s pretty much the same thing I’m doing here. But maybe I can buck the trend moving forward… maybe!

I learned that writing posts (especially when it’s not your full-time job) is difficult to do if the creativity doesn’t strike. And when life gets busy (because it always does) it becomes even more difficult. The key to getting past that is a combination of accepting that you’re not always going to be able to post and reminding yourself of why you even do it in the first place.

A happy couple selfie โ˜บ๏ธ

Exciting things to come

And in terms of the actual life of Lilly, things are great. I’m still working in marketing, juggling dancing, writing, yoga, reading, socialising, running and saving up money for the future… as well as trying to have a bit of chill time. Always a challenge! I moved to the Oxfordshire countryside a couple of months ago and I’m now living with my boyfriend, which so far has been endless fun and happiness.

I’ve got loads of great stuff planned for the next few months which inevitably means lots of posts to share on here, too! Here’s to the next three years (and beyond!)

Cover image taken by Beth Roach Photography

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