2019 Resolutions

Today we say goodbye to 2018. And in typical blogger fashion, I’m compiling my list of resolutions for next year. Hold me accountable, or watch me justify not hitting them all a year from now!

I don’t have a lot of goals compared to 2018 (mostly because I realise that it’s easier and better to (over)achieve a few than try to do more and spread yourself a bit thin). It’s also partly because, as you’ll know if you read the last post, I achieved so much this year and really, the main goal is to keep it up.

So here we go:

1. Finish the first draft of my novel

Since I graduated I barely put any time into writing, but recently I picked it back up and I’m more motivated than ever to get that first draft done. I have a shiny new notebook, an idea that needs polishing and a whole lot of hope.

2. Run a sub-60 minute 10k

Since breaking 30 minutes for a 5k a few months ago, my goal has quickly shifted to improving my 10k time. This is much tougher and it might take a whole year (or longer) to do it!

3. Get a new marathon PB (maybe…)

I really want to run another marathon next year. But I’m also terrified of actually committing to one. The one I have in mind takes place in October, so I’ve got a few months to make up my mind and (hopefully) take the plunge.

4. Spend more time with loved ones

At times this year, my family and close friends truly were my lifeline. I realised I’d spent too much time neglecting them in the past. I’m aiming to spend more time with these people from now on and show them the same unconditional love that they’ve shown me.

And that is pretty much it. I’m very happy with things at the moment so, as I said, I don’t have a lot of goals because there’s not a lot I feel I should change. I will only do my best to keep improving on them!

See you all next year! 👋

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