Marathon Training – Week 9

Monday Yoga

After Sunday’s half, I was looking forward to a class which had little energy requirement! I’m pretty rubbish at following yoga poses (especially when I’m sore from a long run!), but I definitely felt as though I’d had a good stretch. It was the perfect way to recover.

My hip was still pretty sore, despite my best rolling efforts, but by Tuesday the pain was basically gone.

Tuesday LBT

On Tuesday, I returned to my favourite form of torture: Legs, Bums, Tums. It was (as always) a hard session, but one that left me feeling pretty good afterwards (always ideal!).

Wednesday Lunch Run

My calves were pretty sore on Wednesday, but I’d arranged to run 5km with a colleague at lunch time. We took off pretty quickly and my calves did cause me to stop for a little bit, but overall it was a decent run. Very scenic too, as we ran over Tower Bridge!

Thursday Morning Run

On Thursday, I was in Nottingham for work, so I decided to go out for a little exploratory run in the morning. It was incredibly hilly and pretty cold too, but it made for a nice leisurely jog around town and it was a great way to get my bearings!

Sunday Run

I planned on running 16 miles on Saturday, but woke up feeling pretty dehydrated and decided to call it off until today instead. Unfortunately, my head (and body) just wasn’t in it and I ended up calling it quits just 10km into the run.

I feel pretty disappointed about it and I know I should be doing better, but my head really isn’t in the game at the moment. I’m trying not to beat myself up and instead just accept that it didn’t happen, but it WILL happen next weekend. Tomorrow marks the start of a new week and hopefully I can shake this mental block at the same time and make myself proud of the runner I know is deep down inside of me!

The marathon is 7 weeks today and my 20 mile race (the last long run before the marathon) is 4 weeks today, so I’ve got 4 weeks to build my distance up by 7 miles. As long as I take it steady I think it’s possible…. 16 miles next week, another half marathon the week after (but maybe I can add some miles on at the end of that), 18 the week after that and then the 20 miler!?! Wish me luck…

2 Replies to “Marathon Training – Week 9”

  1. Marathon training (for most people) is a mixture of highs and lows. It rarely goes to plan and with winter being the bulk of the training period, with its virus’ and snow etc, there’s little hope of being able to stick to what’s written on paper.
    The other issues involved include the fact that runners are human!
    Sleep patterns, food, hydration and our blinking minds have a huge effect on us. We are not robots! Sleeping 8 hours, drinking X amount and fuelling may work well 95% of the time and then for no logical reason, you get tired, dehydrated or whatever in your next run.

    Lilly, you are doing well. You’ve done more ‘other’ training than I ever did (coz I’m lazy) and runs that don’t go to plan are absolutely normal. Even a few weeks of this is normal. One thing I’ve learnt is, never get downhearted or annoyed with yourself. It’s normal. You’re normal. And…you’re brilliant!

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