An Evening on the MegaMysteryBus

A couple of weeks ago, I attended an event put on by the lovely guys over at Search Laboratory in conjunction with MegaBus. It was all a bit of a mystery (huzzah!) until I got there, but essentially I knew we’d be on a bus for the evening and that it must be some kind of murder mystery event.

This kind of stuff is right up my street, so I was immediately keen to get involved. When I arrived at our reception venue (Radisson Portman Square), we were treated to canapés and wine (water for alcohol-free me!). The veggie spring rolls were to die for and set us up for an evening of hard work.

I was told that I was in Team 3 along with Lauren & Maddie, another Lauren, Leigh, and Lisa-Mae. So…there was something about the letter L in our group! We named our team “Totally Sherlocked”.

The Game

Before long, two detectives wandered into reception and began to explain the challenge that lay ahead. It was essentially a mix of different tasks, centred on meeting Sherlock characters at various locations around London. Each character required us to perform an act of some kind in return for a letter for our crypto code. All very mysterious!

I think it’s safe to say that our whole team was a bit overwhelmed at first. My initial thoughts were more confusion than anything, but once we’d gone out to the bus and been given our team “packs”, it all started to make sense.

Off we go…

I’m not sure any of us expected to get as competitive as we did in the end. With limited times at various locations, we were running around, trying to complete all the tasks that would earn us points. Without ruining it for everyone, there are certain tasks that require creativity!

The challenges also required a bit of logical thinking, which I quite liked – it wasn’t too intense but enough to give us the satisfaction of knowing the answer.

One thing I didn’t like so much was that there were a few “video rounds” – recording a scene earned you points, but with the mad rush around and the sheer noise of London, it was tricky to find the right time to film these.

The End

After the challenge was over, we were back on our way to the hotel to meet a mystery guest and find out which team would be crowned the winners.

Much to Leigh’s excitement (she guessed right!), we were greeted by Sid the MegaBus man as we hopped off the bus. We took a few photos with him before making our way back to the reception area.

Team 3 came 3rd (quite fitting really!) – I can’t remember how many points we actually got in the end, but it was so much fun that my competitive edge wasn’t too broken up about it!

I’m seriously hoping that MegaBus will do more events like this – I definitely want to get my colleagues at work on the MegaMysteryBus!

All photos supplied by Matt Chappell and Search Laboratory.

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