Marathon Training – Week 8

Well guys, here we are – in the middle of my marathon training! It’s crazy to think that I’m only “halfway” through the adventure, but makes me feel a little bit better about my current state (and how much time I’ve got left to achieve the other half!).

Monday Physio

After last week’s miserable post, I had a great visit to the physio on Monday. He immediately diagnosed the pain as a cause of a very tight muscle in my leg. I had my first ever acupuncture experience (not as bad as I thought it would be, but definitely a bit weird!), some toe cracking (less great) and some really wonderful advice. I left armed with tonnes of new foam roller exercises and not a single twinge in my foot. Shoutout to Mark at Starr Therapies in Buckingham – really recommend him if he’s close to you!

I’ve been doing as I promised Mark and rolling daily and I can really feel the benefits of it so far.

Tuesday Pancake Race

So on Tuesday we had a Pancake Day Race with work. I wasn’t originally supposed to be doing it but a team member dropped out at the last minute so I was in. It was literally 100 metres, not training by any means! But my foot wasn’t feeling good when I did it… back on the roller!

Wednesday Gym

I decided that I’d have a go on the treadmill first, aiming to run a kilometre and just see how I felt from there. Definitely still a few pains, but overall felt much better. Afterwards I spent some time on the bike, rowing machine and a few core exercises before (you guessed it!) a good old roll.

Thursday Gym & Run

My spin class was cancelled and I didn’t have a clean running bra, so I resigned myself to something a bit lighter at the gym.

I warmed up on the bike for 5 minutes before doing a bit of a core/cardio routine, another foam roll and a cool down on the bike. It turned out to be a pretty good little workout that left me feeling as good as I do after a run.

I did the following set of exercises three times:

20 x weighted sit ups

20 x weighted twisted crunches

Plank x 30 seconds

Plank x 30 seconds raised leg (left and right)

20 x supine bicycle

20 x skips

When I got back to the office after the gym, I was delighted to see that my head torch had arrived for some night time runs (while it’s still super dark at 7pm when I get home!)

Of course I felt like I had to try it out! I got home to a lovely dry running bra from the wash and went straight out for a quick one.

I managed about 3km before some foot twinges, but nothing was too bad that I couldn’t carry on in the end. Ended up doing just over 6km before heading home to a carbonara. Pace was 6:40 so not bad at all for my usual running!

Saturday 6km

I had to take my car for its MOT on Saturday morning at an ungodly hour, so I decided to take the opportunity for a short run ahead of Sunday’s half marathon.

I didn’t have any foot pain at all (yay!), but my hip was twinging a bit, so I took it steady.

I finished up at 5km but still had a good couple of kilometres to go. I ended up popping into the shops and picking up some bacon for my boyfriend (girlfriend points!) and then ran the kilometre back home.

Sunday Half Marathon

I’ll go into depth about the run in a proper review, but this half marathon was the postponed Milton Keynes Winter Half.

It was a tough run (only my third half and my first race!) and I was disappointed that I struggled so much – but you can’t have everything!

The first half of it was really great to be honest, but that darn hip flared up again and wouldn’t stop giving me grief. It seems that my foot pain is history (as long as I stick to the exercises and rolling that I promised my physio I would do!), but now it’s time to give some extra attention to the hip.

There’s always something isn’t there?! Hoping to finally increase the mileage from 13.1 next week – fingers crossed!

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