February: What I’ve Been Baking

Welcome to month number two of my favourite recipes! I’ve been lacking with the amount of baking I’ve been doing recently, but I’ve got a few super easy recipes that have been a godsend thanks to their speed!

Butternut Squash Gnocchi

Gnocchi seems to be my best pre-run fuel – and the fact that it takes barely any time to cook is a real winner for me. I simply chop up a butternut squash into cubes, roast it on 200 for 20 minutes and blend with a tin of chopped tomatoes for a delicious veggie sauce. Such a quick win!

Homemade Yorkshire Puddings

You can’t beat homemade yorkies! We’re a bit obsessed in my house to be honest. Making batter is simple and easy due to the small number of ingredients – we use this BBC Good Food recipe.

I usually make this alongside a classic roast dinner, because winner, winner, chicken dinner. 🍗

Thai Green Curry

As a slow cooker obsessive, I’ve discovered that thai green curry works wonderfully. I just whack in some curry paste, carrots, peppers, chicken, cashew nuts and a can of coconut milk with a pinch of ground ginger. It’s a bit spicy for me, but absolutely delicious at the same time.

I’d advise slow cooking on low for about 6 hours – mine was on for over eight one time and it resulted in soggy pepper and carrots 😬

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