Marathon Training – Week 7

Short update this week…

After injuring my foot in my run last Sunday, I decided to rest this week. I took rest quite literally and ended up not even going to the gym…

I attempted a run on Saturday morning, which ended 9 miles short of my goal and in a lot of foot pain (and some crying in the middle of town).

I’m hoping that a trip to the physio next week can help me on the way to resolving whatever kind of issue this is. To be honest I’m feeling totally gutted with this setback, but I’m trying to think positive and remind myself that I’ve still got 9 weeks to go before the marathon. Plenty of time to heal up and get back on track with training, right?

Any advice thoroughly welcomed!

3 Replies to “Marathon Training – Week 7”

  1. Think you’re already doing the most important thing and that’s visiting the physio to see what’s up. Hopefully it won’t be anything too serious and you’ll be back training soon! Other than that the only advice I would give is look to keep your fitness levels up doing whatever you can. I’ve ran a sub 2 hour half with only a handful of training runs in the build up, mainly doing Kettlebell training. And just keep your head up and stay positive, sure it will all be OK!

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