Dying My Hair at Rush Aldwych

Apart from the occasional home-dyed blonde adventures, I’ve never really explored dying my hair. I never even considered the concept that I could make my already dark brown hair even darker – but temptation held me one day – and my hairdresser had been saying he’d love to colour it for a while…

So I did it. And I love it!

I’ve been going to Peter at Rush Aldwych since last Summer – he’s cut my hair short, he’s supported me through various fringe related decisions and now he’s patiently waiting with me until I’ve decided my hair has grown to a decent length.

So while I grow it out, we decided to experiment with colour. I’ve been having “glossing”, which is semi-permanent, but because of the dark colours I’ve been going for, it lasts for a pretty long time. There’s also hardly any noticeable regrowth.

Peter and I sat down with a book in hand, taking a look at the colours we’d like to include. This time I fancied a red tint, we settled on mahogany tones to match.

The process is the same as it is when dying hair in general – but unlike hair dye containing bleach, this just makes my hair ridiculously soft, glossy and perfect for catching the light.

I’m so happy with my new colour and consistently impressed by Peter’s work. If you’re feeling tempted by a trim, colour or something else, he’s your man!

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