Beginner’s Guide to Running: What to Wear

While it seems counterintuitive to invest a decent amount of money in something you’re not entirely sure you’re going to stick to, the right gear makes a world of difference when it comes to running. You can run in the “wrong” shoes or clothing and decide that it’s not for you as a result of that.

But yes, running (while free) is an expensive hobby…

The Shoes

There are a few “must haves” with running – your shoes are the most important thing on that list. Head to a sports shop that does gait analysis in order to find out exactly what kind of shoe you need. Gait analysis is basically running in a treadmill to see the way your feet land when you run. You might find that (like me) you need a shoe with a little bit of extra support.

The kind of shops that do these gait analysis tests tend to be a little pricey, but once you know which type of shoe, (or you’ve even found the shoe of your dreams), you can have a search online and see if it’s available cheaper elsewhere. (Sports Direct is heaven for that kind of thing).

It’s recommended that you go for gait analysis every 6 months just in case it changes.

I use Adidas Ultra Boost ST – they’re incredible!

Sports Bra

If you’re after a sports bra, my best recommendation is to get yourself something high impact. Before I had one of these, I kind of scoffed at the concept and figured it was an unnecessary (and more expensive) purchase. But seriously, £50 for a bra that will keep everything in place? Totally worth it.

My favourite bra is the Brooks Juno.


You know what freaks me out to the core? Seeing someone running in a hoodie, or a pair of thick “joggers”. I don’t know how they do it!

The best thing to run in is what I always see described as “sweat wicking material” – i.e. not a cotton t shirt, which will get heavier as you sweat and then make you cold.

One of my favourite tops is my Karrimor long sleeved top, which was less than £20 in Sports Direct.

I’ve also actually found the stuff in Primark pretty decent – specifically the leggings! They won’t break your bank but you’ll be ready for running in no time.

You’re set!

There are a million and one other beneficial things you could buy – socks designed for running would be next on my list – but with those basic items you’re ready for the start of your running adventures!

Up next: The First Run.

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