Marathon Training – Week 6

Monday 5km

I was having lunch with my mum, sister and brother on Monday, so I decided to run when I got home from work. I planned to do at least 5km, but with the aim to run 10k. Spoiler: I bailed at 5!

My first run since the half, I felt surprisingly good, but it wasn’t feeling relaxed or easy either, I just pushed on. I started getting the leg twinge I had before (I think I’ve diagnosed this as my shoes being too loose, I realised my foot was almost slipping out!), so I decided to see how I felt at 4km, but not to beat myself up about it if I only ran 5km.

Between 3 and 4km I tripped up on a crack in the pavement (downfalls of running in the dark…) and almost totally face planted the ground. I was very lucky to be running towards a bit of fencing and I managed to grab onto it and save myself some pain. At that point the shock of almost falling had sealed the deal: I was finishing at 5km this time!

It ended up being more tough than I’d hoped but it was done anyway!

Tuesday LBT

I’ve been “experimenting” with new classes at the gym this week and Tuesday saw me stumbling nervously into the studio for a 45 minute LBT session.

I honestly didn’t know what to expect – what it was was certainly not what I had hoped for! It was tough and a real workout.

That being said, I did enjoy it – specifically some of the exercises more than others(!), but I did feel like I was doing some good for my body. I’d not taken any water into the class with me, which was a huge mistake – lesson learned for next time.

Yeah, there’ll be a next time. I think I need to give it at least one more go before writing it off completely.

Wednesday 5km

Everything hurt when I woke up on Wednesday. My limbs felt impossibly heavy and even the thought of walking to the train station filled me with dread, let alone my lunch time run. Thank you LBT!

Determined to stick to the week’s plan, I decided I’d go for a steady, slow paced run. This is a concept that started off pretty well, but I did end up speeding up my third and fourth kilometres significantly, without even intending to.

There were a lot of people out on the roads I ran too, which made it difficult to actually do some running. My final kilometre was mostly having to walk behind people until there was a gap to get through.

I found that I was nowhere near as sore while I was running though, which was pretty pleasant.

When I was finally back at the office, I had a good stretch and a hot shower in the hope that the soreness would be past me.

Thursday Spin

The dreaded spin class! After my first (shaky) experience, it took me a while to actually commit to going back – but I did! And actually, this time wasn’t nearly as painful. I think I was much more prepared for starters, but I’ve also come a long way in terms of fitness since then, so obviously that’s had a brilliant impact for me!

Have already signed up to next week’s class…

Sunday Half Marathon

Thursday and Friday saw me getting the beginnings of a cold. I knew that the best thing for me to do would be to rest, so I committed to a quiet Friday night and a super lazy Saturday. Thankfully a nice 10 hour sleep on Friday night set me up well, I was feeling much better on Saturday.

My body, however, disagreed a little bit. From the moment I set off on my run, it felt tough. I was running with a friend, which was pretty much the only reason I kept going at several points. There was a LOT of walking and a lot of mental battling on how I should definitely not give up. I did eventually finish – around 15 minutes slower than last week – and I could not have been happier to be done with it!

My friend told me something which stuck with me: “There’s no such thing as a bad run, a bad run is not going for a run in the first place.”

So while I don’t feel ridiculously happy (like I did last week), I feel pretty chuffed that I managed to complete it – no matter how much walking was involved! Something else that struck me was that if I had found it easy, then my fitness and body would not have been improving. I’m taking that as a comforting thought – I definitely feel as though I’ve made big improvements today, despite the pain involved!

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