A Beginner’s Guide to Running: Intro

I’ve been talking to a lot of people about running recently. An unsurprising number of them say something along the lines of: “Oh, I can’t run…”, “Can’t even run 200m let alone a mile”, “Running isn’t for me, I don’t know how you do it…” (to name a few). And the thing that strikes me most about this is that probably most of them are just so wrong about it. I totally get that it’s not a sport for everyone and I really support those who decide to take up cycling or swimming or whatever else instead, but if there’s a small piece of you that’s remotely tempted to give it a go: read on.

Before I start, let me caveat this post with the fact that, despite officially being a “marathon trainer” (and “half marathon runner” so far!), I still feel very much like a beginner. I’m stumbling through a world of discoveries about how to do something I once figured couldn’t be that difficult: putting one foot in front of another. Spoiler: it is hard. It will be challenging and it might make you want to give up. But if you persevere, it can be the greatest thing you ever decide to do. (Sounds extreme but that’s how I feel about running at the moment, so roll with it).

The whole “I feel like a beginner” thing being said, I took up running almost 9 months ago. In that time I’ve gone from just about managing to run for 1km without pausing, to running a half marathon with (relative) ease. It definitely didn’t happen overnight. So I want to share my ~wisdom~ and talk about all the things you should (or might like to) know about taking up the wonderful act of running.

Expect nostalgia, hilarity, awkwardness and passion to follow. Expect to hear about the moments where I wanted to give up and expect to hear about the moments where everything just felt kind of good. I’ve got a lot to talk about so I’ll probably end up making this the longest blog-series known to man. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

For now, I’ll leave you with this:

“The human body can do so much, then the heart and spirit must take over.” – Sohn Kee-chung

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