Marathon Training – Week 5

Tuesday 5km

Tuesday I was in a bad mood and couldn’t convince myself out of the door for a run during my lunch break. I opted for a slightly guilty day off (especially guilty considering that I’d missed my long run at the weekend too). By the time I got home I was very much in need of some exercise induced endorphins! I decided to run in the dark (luckily a fairly well lit area) and aimed to be quick.

It was tough but I didn’t really mind too much, I pushed on through and came a bit short of my PB on London’s streets, but I did run my fastest on that route, so I took it as a win. It was about 40 seconds faster per kilometre and the route is a bit more undulating than the flats of London, so not just a small improvement either.

Wednesday 5km

Despite my mood-lifting attempts, I was still in a grump on Wednesday morning. I toyed with the idea of cross-training but decided in favour of a run. Unlucky for me is that, while I was getting into my gear, it went from “ok day” to “pouring with rain”. Nevertheless, I had the kit on and as far as I was concerned, that meant I was already committed.

It was WET. But I actually quite like rain, it keeps you cool after all. Maybe not as much as it rained on Wednesday (being completely soaked within a minute kind of rain), but still. It was a solid 5km, with some more exploratory routes. To my utter surprise, I ran my fastest ever, again! Totally unexpected due to the weather and the fact that I wasn’t even trying(!) but maybe I was just desperate to get back in the dry indoors…

Thursday Pilates

I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about Pilates but I signed up to a class at the gym on Thursday with a couple of my colleagues. I heard it’s supposed to be good for core strengthening so I figured it was worth a whirl.

As a beginner, I spent a lot of time not really sure if I was doing things right, but the instructor seemed pretty friendly so that helped!

The next couple of days I definitely felt like it had had some positive impact too, which was an added bonus.

Saturday Half Marathon (yes…finally!)

I decided to do my long run on Saturday rather than Sunday this week, mainly because I fancied a lazy Sunday (and a late-ish Saturday night!)

I got up about 8ish and had some flapjack before heading out the door around 9:15. The run started off along a similar route to Parkrun so I ended up getting a few cheers (felt a little bit guilty seeing as I wasn’t actually doing the Parkrun), but my leg was really not feeling great. Not sure why! After about 2.5km, I stopped and stood still for a bit, feeling utterly disappointed while simultaneously determined not to give up. So I didn’t.

I kicked off again and told myself that I’d adopt a 5km Run-1km Walk strategy if I had to, but by the time I’d hit 5km I was actually feeling fine so I carried on. Save for the 14km mark, where I stopped briefly to fish a jelly baby out of my pocket, I didn’t stop running until I’d reached over 10 miles.

The last three miles were TOUGH. I told myself that it wasn’t that far left to go and just to keep pushing on, but I succumbed to walking a fair few times in the end. The end of the run was more than welcome when it came!

I ended up running the half in 2:37. I was aiming for 2:30, with the caveat that, as it was my first, I’d be happy with anything below 2:45. All things considered, I’m absolutely thrilled.

There’s a long way to go still (another 13.1 miles to be precise), but it feels so good to be on top of my training and I’m ready for the next milestone!

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