1 Year Working in London

I’m going to keep this short and sweet, because I yap on about how much I enjoy working in London a LOT. But guys, it’s great!

But seriously, today marks a year since I took the plunge, signed my soul away to the most expensive commute possible and started working in the big smoke. I’ve learned a lot about tubes and trains (as some of my previous blog posts have explored), but it’s been a really eye-opening experience for me in so many more ways than public transport Pet Peeves.

Without further ado (because I’m attempting this whole “short and sweet” nonsense), here are some things I have learned (and love) about working in London.

1. *Gross warning* That black snot you get after a day in the city? It doesn’t go away. It’s there every day. It’s disgusting! (When I said love, I didn’t mean I love everything on this list)…

2. The novelty hasn’t worn away. I’m still waiting to hate commuting or something but I’m still an excited little puppy when I go into or even talk about London.

3. Everything is like…so close?!? Central London is THE DREAM because you never have to go far for anything. Everything is, in fact, “only half an hour away” at maximum. When it’s even closer than that it is actually “round the corner”.

4. The food. Imagine being in a place where you could go to a new restaurant EVERY DAY for a month+?? (And obviously, they’re only ever half an hour away).

5. Networking. Without a doubt the biggest perk of working in London is how quickly you build up a portfolio of connections. Make the most of them! I’ve met some great people in just a year so far.

6. Train journey = reading, blog writing, Netflix-binging, sleeping, working… the possibilities are endless.

7. Running in London. Once you’ve found a place that’s not crazy full of tourists (may have once knocked someone’s nuts all over the ground – but in my defence, they literally stepped into my path before I could stop moving…really) (and stop laughing, I mean a snack-pot of nuts), running in London is so much fun (namely because I’ve PB’d on these mean streets!).

8. Unnecessary anger is a part of you and sometimes requires a lot of deep breathing. Even when you swore it would never happen. That guy who I saw punching the tube on my first week in London? He’s tame.

9. You might even occasionally cry when you see that the next tube isn’t for 3 minutes. You may be embarrassed about that but hey, sometimes life’s just that stressful.

10. It’s stunning. And it feels like some kind of home to me now. I look out of my office window and see the Shard and it’s just so beautiful and feels like I’m exactly where I need to be. Lame.

Here’s hoping that the novelty doesn’t wear off in year number two!

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