Marathon Training – Week 4

Monday Cross-Training

Due to some timetable conflicts later in the week, I decided to get a good cross training session in while I could.

I cycled for about 10-15 minutes, rowed for 15 and did a 5-10 minutes dumbbell workout.

All felt pretty good, though my legs were a bit stiff afterwards (definitely not helped by my run on Sunday).

Tuesday 5km

For the first time this year, there was actually a hint of sunlight in the sky. I took it as a sign that, instead of hitting the gym, I’d have a crack at the streets of Southwark. Luckily it’s not too bad for tourists! I planned a 1.5 mile route, which I planned to lap twice.

When I began running, I became painfully aware that although it was sunny, it was also pretty breezy. Nevertheless, I stuck on it. I could tell I was running a bit faster than usual but felt ok so stuck with it.

The route had a few stop-starts at traffic lights (unfortunately basically unavoidable in central London!) – but luckily I think Strava counts for that as it knows when you’re not moving!

I got a little bit lost between the second and fourth kilometres, but somehow found my way back on the route I had originally planned. I ended up finishing 5km a bit further away from the gym than I anticipated. This was a blessing as I had time for a proper cool down.

I was utterly elated to see that I had completed the run in 32:06 – a whole 3 minutes and 39 seconds faster than my previous personal best.

I don’t know if it was dodging people, running faster to make the green man at crossings, or just something about London, but it was amazing – and so much better than the treadmill!

Also shout out to my gym for the foam rollers – made for a good session when I got back from my run.

Thursday 5km

Back out on the streets of London, ready to fight the wind, I kicked off my run at a fast pace. This obviously isn’t the most sustainable technique and my legs felt pretty sore, so I ended up slowing significantly in my second kilometre.

I decided to take a different route than Tuesday, mainly to explore the quieter streets near to work. I ended up in Elephant and Castle and, as I’d hoped, there was much more room to manoeuvre.

After a little recovery walk, I picked back up running again at a slightly slower pace. It was tough but manageable! I managed to find myself back where I needed to be to finish not too far from my office.

The run ended up only a minute slower than Tuesday’s personal best, so I’m pretty happy with that.

Also – tried out the new showers in my office and they were AMAZING. Totally worth the lunch time runs.

Sunday Half Marathon

So unfortunately, my half marathon got cancelled (again!)… unlucky me. After a day of snow and rain, I ended up calling it and staying indoors in the warm. Slightly disappointed but unfortunately some runs are going to be missed. Planning on making up for it next weekend!

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