Marathon Training – Week 3

Tuesday 4km at the Gym

My training on weekdays is unfortunately quite limited because of my schedule, so I’m often only able to squeeze in a 4km run at the gym in my lunch break.

On the training schedule, the recommendation is 40 mins with a mix of threshold pace and jogging. Each time I went back to threshold, I upped the pace just a little bit. Hopefully this will help me improve my speed a little.

Wednesday Cross-Training

My training schedule suggests about 20 minutes of aerobic exercise and some strengthening activities for cross-training. I did a combo of cycling and rowing as well as my usual dumbbell workout. I’m already starting to feel the difference in my strength!

Thursday 3.6km (& head damage)

(Was supposed to be 4km, but I accidentally hit restart instead of changing my pace on the treadmill…)

Not a huge amount to report with Thursday’s run – I did a bit of work with inclines and it felt pretty tough on the legs, but I’m sure it’s doing good things for me!

Post workout I did manage to give myself a nice bump on the head which left me feeling sick and migraine-y for a few days, so Friday and Saturday ended up being full rest days (and man, did I need those!)

Sunday 9 miles with Emma

After a late night on Saturday I wasn’t feeling convinced that I’d get 9 miles done, but luckily I’d arranged to run with a friend who is training to run London (the week after Brighton Marathon but we’re hovering at about the same distance for now) and cancelling would have been too demoralising!

I wasn’t properly fuelled or hydrated so I expected the run to reflect that – and it was incredibly tough at points. However, having someone to run with eliminated that desire to stop and just head home – no matter how long it took, we were going to hit our target of 9 miles. Perhaps there’s something to say about the way my body has learned to cope with those longer runs too, I still find it insane that I’ve managed to make my body move for so long!

My favourite moments in a run are when you forget that you’re even doing it. I was surprised to hear my phone telling me we’d already clocked another km a couple of times, which is great. (However, counteracted by the couple of kilometres that felt like miles!)

The instant buzz at the end of today’s run made it totally worthwhile though – and after a decent session with my foam roller I’m feeling pretty ready to crack on with my first half marathon race of the year next week!

I’m running Brighton Marathon in aid of Guide Dogs UK, who receive no government funding whatsoever. My fundraising page is here if you’d like to sponsor me. 🐶

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