Tips for Beating Blue Monday

Next week (15th January) marks a date in our calendars that most of us would rather not think about: Blue Monday.

Supposedly, Blue Monday is the most depressing day of the year. It’s the third Monday of the new year, not close enough to pay day and right in the middle of these not-so-nice winter months. Sounds pretty grim, right?

But days don’t have to be Blue just because someone says it is. In fact, the guy who came up with Blue Monday actually meant it to be a day for change and positive outlook instead. Clearly that one worked out 👀

I’ve put together a list of top tips for beating the Blue Monday curse. Take a look below – and have a great Monday!

Make exciting plans

It’s easy to tell yourself you’ll feel bad because “it’s the day for it”, but by making plans that will get you feeling excited for the day instead, you’re instantly combatting those negative feelings.

Whether it’s a dinner with friends, date night or something as simple as baking a cake, get those plans in your diary to lift your mood!

Get up early

I know it sounds horrific, but giving yourself a bit more time to go about your normal daily routine can really help lift the spirits. Half an hour early means you can make an extra special breakfast, or spend some time doing your make up properly. An hour early could be a run before work.

Minimise your to do list for the day

Sometimes things get overwhelming. Take some extra time to clear out your to-dos before the weekend and Monday will feel so much easier when there’s less on your plate.

Ticking things off your list will make you feel really productive too and probably help you to get ahead with work. Even better!

Cook your favourite food

Nothing beats your favourite food! Cook it (from scratch if possible) for a cosy night in and feel proud of the achievement. Even if it’s something simple, making it yourself is a great way to keep yourself active and feel uber productive.


I know it’s gross. But honestly, there’s a reason people do it! The buzz after a run for me is amazing, as well as the way it clears my head while I’m running too. You don’t have to move fast, or sweat loads to have a good impact on your mind! Get rid of those Monday Blues with a jog, a swim or a bike ride in no time!

Spring clean

The old sayings are true. If your surroundings are tidy, your mind is too. Cleaning can feel like a super overwhelming task, but doing it bit by bit can have a really positive effect. My favourite thing to do is give the kitchen a blitz: wash up, wipe down the sides and make sure there’s no clutter. It’s only one room in the house but it honestly makes all the difference.

Plan nice things for the year ahead

Now is the perfect time to start thinking ahead, towards the brighter, more exciting things that 2018 will bring. Whether it’s planning a holiday, a weekend with friends or what you want to do for your birthday, filling your diary with ideas is a sure fire way to take your mind off of the miserable January weather and on to happier times.

Have a LUSH bath

Last but not least, get LUSH! A soothing bubble bath, some calm music and maybe even a book to read will set you up for a perfect bath-time experience and leave you feeling refreshed for another day. If you don’t have a bath, take a lovely long shower and spend extra time slathering yourself in body butter!

Hopefully some of these tips will be useful for you – here’s to a very un-Blue Monday!

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