2018 Goals: My Biggest Year Yet

As promised, here are my 2018 goals. Writing this all down is opening my eyes to how absolutely insane I am to be honest. But hey, I want it to be a big year, so let’s make it one! I’m going into the year with high hopes but also with the understanding that if things get too much, I’m in control of how much is on my plate. I needn’t make myself suffer. This is a hugely important lesson (and one which I’m sure can be applied to more people than just myself), the key is that I don’t overwhelm myself but instead I learn and shape myself and see what I’m capable of. My goals for next year can pretty much be categorised in three areas of my life: my health & fitness, my financial situation and my passions.

Health and Fitness 🏃🏻‍♀️

So I’ll say right now that there are a lot of running related goals for next year. In the space of 7-8 months I’ve grown semi-addicted to running and I want to keep at it. You probably are aware that I’m training to run my first marathon in April 2018, but maintaining my fitness and motivation to exercise is probably going to get a bit tough. To avoid that, I’ve come up with a few key goals.

1. Run at least a half marathon distance race in every single month of 2018. (I say at least, because I’ll be running a 20 miler race in March and the full marathon in April). I’ve actually signed up to all but one month for these. (Hit me up if you know of any good half marathons in August 2018!)

2. Obviously, complete my first marathon in April 2018. Preferably below 6 hours!

3. Run at least 500 miles overall in 2018. That’s 42 miles a month, or 9.6 (ish) miles a week. Hopefully my half marathons will help cover a bit of this distance!

4. Reach new PBs (personal bests) in 5km, 10km, 10 miles and Half Marathon.

5. Run a race abroad – I’ve kind of ticked this one off by booking myself in to run a half marathon in Germany!

Financial Situation 💰

Money yada yada – you’re probably bored of me talking about it. But…2018 is the year I sort my life out and become reasonably comfortable with my financial situation. This is twofold:

1. Goodbye overdraft. I’m paying it off and I’m kissing it goodbye.

2. Not owe anyone money. Luckily I only owe my sister, but soon I’ll be done with that debt!

I’ll also hopefully see myself take steps in my career, which can only help the wallet!

Passions ❤️

“Passions” is a bit vague, but I think it’s the best way to categorise the remaining goals I have for 2018. Most of them are to do with my blog (and arguably cover off running too), but some of them are about my personal life too.

1. Blog three times a week (up from two). I’m organised enough that this should be a relatively easy step up, but I’m not going to push myself if I find it too much of a struggle.

2. Not letting work, blogging or anything else get in the way of my relationships. I want to spend more time nurturing relationships with those close to me, spending more time with friends I care about and less time scrolling through pointless newsfeeds. (However fun that can be).

3. Grow as a blogger. By this I mean: work with brands on my wavelength, grow my audience, step up in terms of the quality of content I produce and network more.

4. I also want to do more reading in 2018. I got a kindle for Christmas, which will allow me to read on my train to/from work easily. To motivate me, I’m going to put £5 into my savings account for every book that I finish in the year.

It certainly will be a challenging 2018 for me, but I hope to learn big things from it and constantly raise the bar when it concerns what I’m capable of. Here’s to a fantastic year!

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