2017: Year in Review

So here we are, a few days from the end of another year, reminiscing about everything that 2017 brought to the table. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster (but then again, when isn’t it?), but I’m ending the year on a high note, with lots of big plans for 2018.

I know a review of the year is a pretty popular thing for us bloggers to do, but there’s valid reason for that! Writing it all down is opening our eyes (and yours) to the huge things we’ve achieved (or would like to achieve… because yes, you can expect a 2018 Goals blog post in the next few days too). It’s sharing our proudest moments, our toughest fights, our lives. As bloggers, we document an awful lot (I’ve certainly struggled with what I should and shouldn’t write about, because personally I don’t want every single part of my life splashed on your screens, no matter how much I want you to adore reading my blog)… but our readers are often uplifted or inspired by the things we write. To share that can only be a good thing.

Without further rambling, here are some of my 2017 highlights…

Taking up running

By far my proudest achievement of this year has been my decision to take up running, sign up to a marathon and commit to it. In early May (almost 8 months ago), I decided to bite the bullet and sign up. I’ve not regretted the decision since, though have felt fearful many times, but the huge steps I’ve taken for my health (both physical and mental) and my happiness have been entirely worth it.

Since then, I’ve broken personal bests, I’ve actually enjoyed running, I’ve joined a gym, I’ve run 10 miles (in one go!), I’ve run a total of 75 km between Dec 1st and Christmas Day and I’ve decided to take on even bigger challenges next year. (You’ll hear more about those in the aforementioned 2018 goals post!)

The past 7 months have been phenomenal, as I’ve travelled on the tough journey to where I am now: ready to complete my first half marathon. I’m incredibly proud and would recommend anyone to give it a go and, more importantly, not give up.

Starting a new job

January 2017 saw me starting a new job (read: adventure), commuting into London every day and joining a fast-paced industry that, frankly, I never saw myself in. I can honestly say I’ve not regretted my decision to take the leap once (nope… not even on those early morning starts in the snow and ice this month!)… I’ve matured so much and grown a confidence I didn’t know I was capable of, as well as meeting some amazing new people and even taking the odd flight to Germany!

Halving my overdraft

As you’ll know if you’ve read my blog before, money and budgeting is a huge thing for me. The jump to working in London didn’t come cheap (ahem, season tickets!) – and as a result I ended up struggling financially. I knew I had to do something and so I decided to stick to a strict budget and pay as much back as possible each month. I’m ending the year with way less than half of my overdraft to pay off – the smell of freedom is oh so close!

Proving to myself that I am capable of being “sensible” with my money has been massive, but I have also achieved what I set out to do, in less time than I thought it would take. So basically, kudos to myself.

Embracing my body

Part of my reason for taking up running was to lose weight. I was unhappy with my figure (after being way too skinny for a huge part of my life). While I’m chuffed that I’m running and toning my body, I’m no longer down when I see myself in the mirror. I look healthy for the first time in my life. The amazing Beth Roach Photography helped me to see that, however difficult I found it to begin with. I’m not on a constant path of wanting to get skinny now, I’m just glad I can have the extra piece of Yule Log this Christmas.

Smashing my blogging goals

And of course… blogging has been a huge highlight. I’ve become a “regular poster” and I thoroughly enjoy the content I’m creating. I’ve managed to work with brands, produce some pieces that I’m insanely proud of and smash last year’s stats. I’ve even taken the plunge and entered the UK Blog Awards 2018. I don’t feel as though I’m close to winning, but the faith that my readers have in me is more than enough.

To wrap up…

As this is a 2017 highlights post, I figured I should link to a few of my favourite posts over the past year!

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3 Replies to “2017: Year in Review”

  1. Hey Lilly, sounds like an awesome year – one you should be really proud of. What industry are you working in? London sounds like a real challenge. All the best for 2018.


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