Thoughts While Having a Sick Day

So this week I’ve been suffering from the “winter flu” that’s been making the rounds. I generally don’t cope well with being ill (aside from feeling rubbish) and get really frustrated and just want to be BETTER already. I’m not much of a “rester” (I ran 10km before I should have = made me feel worse), so I tend to go a bit crazy cooped up in the house all day.

I also hate having sick days from work. There is so much you can do in 8 hours and with my line of work, the quiet moments are the ones where you really want to catch up and even get ahead. Having flown to Germany and spent most of that time feeling rubbish, after 6 days I finally had to say “ok, I need a day off”. So I had a day off. And on that day, these were the thoughts that went through my head.

Right. Here we are. I’m ill, I must rest. I must sleep. I must drink plenty of fluids. I must not run. I must not work. I must. Just. Rest.

Well, there are a few bits of work that I had to get done today, they’ll only take up 5 minutes of my time. So I’ll just do those and then…then, I shall rest.

*15 minutes later*

Ok, done. Closing laptop, shutting off, resting.

Hmm, I’m hungry. Breakfast time. I’ll make some eggs because they’re supposed to be good for you. And I like eggs, obviously.

Undercooked the eggs slightly. Such a pain but I’m hungry so I’m going to spoon out the yucky bits and dig in. Yup, good shout. Eggs are nice.

Let’s put some Netflix on. Background stuff that doesn’t require too much attention, like The Good Wife. Solid.

I can just have a quick look at my emails right? …Nope, nothing. Oh.

Text from Mum, asking how I am. Last time we spoke was 3am while I was feeling sorry for myself.

Well, this is boring. I mean, The Good Wife is great, but I want to do something. Ah, I can catch up on some blogs.

I wonder how things are going at work.

No Lilly. No work, just rest.

Hmm, I’m kinda hungry again. Hula Hoops in the cupboard. Yes. I mean it’s lunch time and I should eat something proper but hula hoops are good.

I know what I’ll do. I’ll pick up the present I was working on for my mum. That’ll distract me for a few hours.

I really should have had lunch. I could eat now. Orrrrrr, I could make a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows. Let’s do that!

Ooh, someone at work needs something. I can just go online for a bit.

*a while later*

I’m really tired. I need a nap.

*woken up by knocking on door*

Neighbour is here to collect a parcel. Man, is it that late already? I’m starving. I’d better put something in the oven. I feel pretty lightheaded. I just want to sleep.

Well, I am going to work tomorrow if it kills me.

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