5 Everyday Ways to Save Money

So y’all know I’m big on having a budget, no matter how comfortable you are with money. I think it’s a great way to make the most of it and save up for things that you might not have realised you had the dollar for.

But aside from having a weekly budget, spending that money wisely is pretty essential. So… here are my “everyday” ways that you can save a few pounds.

Pack lunch

I know it’s boring. But you’re saving roughly £25 a week by not going out for lunch. That’s an extra ~£100 a month to spend on nice things. My top tip is to make a little extra for dinner so you can have leftovers the next day… this way there’s literally no extra effort required!

The 10 minute rule

Craving a run to the shops for snacks? Doing a spot of online shopping in your lunch break? Before you make any “splurge purchases”, give yourself 10 minutes to mull it over. It’s so easy to buy in the spur of the moment, but often even 10 minutes later you’ve stopped “needing X soooo bad” and started thinking more practically.

Write a shopping list

I always end up spending more money at the shops when I don’t have a shopping list. Write a list of what you need and stick to it!

Host dinner

Instead of going out for meals with friends/family, host a dinner party at yours instead. It’s much cheaper and a much more relaxed, quieter atmosphere to socialise. (And don’t forget you can eat those leftovers for lunch the next day).

Bulk buy

If you are one of those who have to have some snacks, then buy multipacks or separate servings. This works out as much less costly and still gives you the same amount of treats. (Just use whatever methods you need to avoid eating multiple servings in one go…)

Have I missed any of your personal tips to save money every day? Let me know!

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