UK Blog Awards 2018

I’ve been writing on The Life of Lilly for over a year now. For the most part, I’d say that I’m still finding my footing. There’s so much to learn and a lot of commitment in blogging. I’ve been through a successful blogtober, a not-so-successful blogtober, an unplanned hiatus and a lot of “actual organised and scheduled blog posts”. I’ve never fought hard to get people to read, like, comment, share, whatever else bloggers want readers to do these days… but I’ve always hoped that those who do read my blog feel a positive change in themselves.

Yes, I’m a “lifestyle” blogger and yes, that means being quite self-centred with what I’m writing sometimes. But I don’t choose to write for the sole purpose of entertaining myself: I do it because if even one reader is glad they read it, then I’m doing what I’m doing well.

So this year, as I approach 2018 with a tonne of motivation for what is to come both on my blog and in my personal life, I decided I’d bite the bullet and enter the UK Blog Awards.

Vote for The Life of LillyI’m under no illusion that there are very slim chances of someone like me winning. I don’t have a huge following, I’m not insta-famous and my stats probably wouldn’t be considered nearly enough for an “influencer”, but nonetheless, I’m extremely proud of where I’ve taken The Life of Lilly in it’s time – and I’m planning on taking it further, bigger and better in the coming year.

If there’s one lesson I’ve learned so far in my career, it’s if you don’t put yourself out there, you will never take those life-defining steps. If I hadn’t have applied for jobs in London, found one I wanted and been brave enough to say “yes” to the unknown, I would never have made that leap. I’ve not regretted that once and I can apply the same logic to my blog. So this is me saying “yes” and taking a leap.

Now I need you to do something for me! If you think my blog is worthy of an award, firstly: thank you; and secondly, please vote for me via the link below. It would mean the world to me.

Vote for The Life of Lilly

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