10 Ideas for Dating on a Budget

I’ve mentioned before that budgeting is super important to me (and that I feel it should be important to most people). I’ve also noted that you need to have the more enjoyable things in your budget too or you’ll be miserable as well as tight with money! One of the things I mean when I refer to this is dating/going out with my boyfriend.

Recently, I’ve been wracking my brains for ideas that won’t cost too much but will be fun for us both. This is a pretty good time of year, because there are so many romantic little Christmassy spots around (for e.g. it’s free to walk into Winter Wonderland… everything else may be bank-breaking, but at least you can wander around!).

So I’ve trawled my mind (and the internet) for ideas – and here are some of my favourites. This is by no means an exhaustive list!

1. Board Games

I know board games sound entirely lame, but they can actually be pretty fun and cost-free. Most people already have a couple stocked up at home, but if not, try looking for a cafe that has board games too (there’s a great one where we live that has board games and a ping pong table). It’s also nice to get out of the house and a decent hot chocolate and an hour or so of games is such a good way to spend time together on the cheap.

2. Movie marathons

Light some candles, fill a bowl with popcorn and select a bunch of films to marathon with (we did this with the Men in Black trilogy last week)… the key is to put your phone somewhere out of sight and you’ll find the whole thing much more enjoyable.

3. Cook together

Slightly less ~datey~ but it can be really fun to cook something together. Choose a relatively easy meal so you don’t end up having stress fits at each other though!

4. Geocaching

This has come up pretty much everywhere but I’ve still never actually done it. There’s a video on YouTube that kind of explains what it is, I’m definitely gonna have a go! Hunting for a cache together seems like a fun way to explore new and old places!

5. Take a walk

Even if you’re not into geocaching, going for a long walk is a sweet way to spend time together without a tonne of pressure to “have fun”. I’m not the biggest fan of the cold but winter walks with cosy hats and scarves is somehow ridiculously appealing (and then you get to come home and cuddle up to get warm!)

6. Make cocktails

(And get drunk on them)… slightly more expensive but if you’ve got a good stock in your cupboards already this will be easier. Find recipes online or go rogue and be creative. Mark each other’s cocktails if you’ve got a competitive streak.

7. Create your own candles

If you’re anything like us, you’ve got a whole bunch of mostly burned candles sat at home. Save the leftover wax and melt it down to make some new candle creations. Here’s a handy guide on how to do it from Live The Fancy Life!

8. Themed food nights

Cheese fondue, a romantic Italian evening or some spicy Mexican? Choose a theme for dinner and make a meal of it 😉

9. Vouchers

There are always decent deals for meals out or fun activities! Check out websites/apps like Groupon, Wuntu/O2 Priority (network provider apps) or Perkbox (if your employer has signed you up to it!) for offers and freebies. We used Wuntu to go for dinner and the cinema which came to a total of £7 for the both of us!

10. Take an art class

Paint some pottery or do some carving! You can usually find this kind of stuff for less than £20 and end up with something that you’ll treasure because you made it together. We carved some tiles back in Cornwall a year ago which now sit in our garden as a lovely memento of our holiday together.

As well as all the ideas above, I started adding to a Pinterest board which you can view here. I’m going to try and keep this updated and maybe “review” some of the ideas as and when we give them a whirl! Would love to hear some of your thoughts on these and what else you can come up with below 😊

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