My Third Tattoo 💉

Aloha readers! As I type this, I am having my leg tattooed. I was planning on writing a blog post about the experience after the experience, but I’m laying on the bed, listening to the lovely Jane’s playlist while she works away and I thought some nice distraction would do me good.

So here we are! This tattoo will be my third, so I’m not a complete stranger to having a needle poking at my skin for an extended period of time, but this is by far my biggest, most detailed tattoo. It definitely hurts more so far!

I’ve chosen to get myself a Russian doll, to represent family and sisterhood: my sisters are integral to who I am and I wanted something to represent that – I know it kinda sounds lame, but this tattoo is my way of having them with me even when they’re hundreds of miles away.

I’ve come to The Studio in Saxmundham (Suffolk) to be tattooed by Jane, who is (without a doubt) one talented lady! She also did my last tattoo (‘another day on earth’ on my arm – yes that is a Feeder lyric!), so I am confident that she’ll do a great job again!

After the fact…

For the longest time, I was umming and ahhing about where exactly to get the tattoo. I wanted somewhere easily visible (because my others are often hidden), but also somewhere that it doesn’t have to constantly be on show. For this reason, I settled on the side of my leg. It’s much more of a summer vs winter thing, because I’m not brave enough to wear anything baring skin in the cold(!) – but it’s in a great place to show off too.

Once Jane had applied the stencil I was totally sold on the location, I definitely made the right call.

So as I said, there was pain. Only to be expected after all, but Jane was great at distracting me and chatting our way through it. We powered through the outline and took a quick break before heading into the colouring. My perception was that the colouring would hurt more than the outline, especially since both of my others are lines, so pretty uncomplicated. But I actually found that the colouring felt ok. It was sore when Jane was going over bits that were already done, but with such a lot of detail in such a small space, it wasn’t surprising.

Eventually my leg started involuntarily twitching and we decided to give it some spray and cool it down occasionally, Jane was really good with it and didn’t get mad about my twitchy leg (which I imagine is a bit of a nightmare when you’re trying to tattoo someone!)

I’m so happy with the finished result and now that it’s healing it’s looking better and better. If anyone is based remotely close to Saxmundham, I couldn’t recommend Jane enough for keeping me calm and cool and doing an amazing job. You can tell she’s super passionate and genuinely cares about producing something you’re happy with.

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