£10 Asda Food Challenge – Part 2 💰 

Well…it’s a week later and I haven’t starved, so I guess you could call my £10 food challenge a success. It was certainly tough and I learnt way more than I anticipated… but first, let’s talk about what I ate.

I kicked off the challenge last Monday evening, with the intention of completing 5 days worth of lunch and dinner (10 meals), including feeding dinner to my boyfriend too!

What I Ate


Dinner: Jacket Potatoes with cheese and beans (and some tomato & pepper)


Lunch: oops! We’re going to have to strike this one off the list, because of a pre-arranged commitment to pay-day lunch out.

Dinner: Vegetable spaghetti with tomato sauce


Lunch: Leftover spaghetti and bagel

Dinner: Vegetable Korma with rice


Lunch: I had a training day and was given free lunch there!

Dinner: Jacket Potatoes with egg, cheese and beans (plus tomato)


Lunch: Leftover vegetable korma & rice

(In the interest of being totally open – I got a free hot chocolate from Costa too)

Dinner: Toasted Bagel


Lunch: Egg Fried Rice

Dinner: Jacket Potatoes with cheese and beans


Lunch: 2 Bagels, Beans and Egg (pre-10 mile run prep!)

Other: Asda gifted me with a bag of Roses, which my boyfriend and I scoffed over the course of the week.

What I Have Left

Half a packet of spaghetti

A third of the bag of rice

Half a bag of carrots

1 Onion

What I Learnt

  • It’s really hard not spending money.

I never realised how much I spend in a week until I took on this challenge. At every moment, I had to check myself and stop spending the odd pound or two here and there. I definitely saved money by taking on this challenge.

  • I’m really lucky.

Aside from the fact that I get a whole bunch of free snacks, breakfasts and even the odd lunch, the thing that carried me through the week was knowing that it was going to be over. There are people who aren’t that lucky, who genuinely are trying to survive on just £10 a week. It’s not easy.

  • I could be smarter with my shopping.

Buying potatoes, rice and spaghetti was a good move – cheap staples for my cupboard, but I didn’t have much money for ingredients to cook with them. This was definitely the most difficult part of the challenge – coming up with something to eat from my limited selection of ingredients. It was also really hard not to use the ingredients I already had in my cupboard, but this does suggest that I could spend even less than £10 sometimes by being better with food planning and using food I’ve already purchased.

  • My boyfriend will never be a vegetarian.

A korma without chicken? Are you mad? No – dear boyfriend – I am not mad, I just couldn’t afford to buy meat. To be honest, I really missed it – the spaghetti would have tasted great with beef mince, just as the curry would have been great with the chicken.

  • I should stick to my budget!

As I said, I definitely saved myself some cash during the challenge – and I want to exercise that willpower more often. I’m sure I could save much more by being stricter with my budget and limiting all of my food splurges.

Thanks to Asda

A huge thank you to Asda for giving me the chance to take on this challenge by providing me with not only the £10 gift card, but a beautiful hamper with a range of goodies. I snapped some photos below…

I’m definitely planning on giving a full review of a few of these – especially the Palmers Foot Magic and the Cristalinas Cherry Blossom Candle – they both smell to die for. I’ve got enough to hold my own mini spa day, which I’m sure I could use very soon!

Want to take on your own £10 food challenge? I would definitely recommend it and I’m happy to help with any questions you might have.

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post, but the views expressed are my own. Honesty is very important to me. 

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