My London Underground Pet Peeves 🚇

When I first started working in London, I realised that there were a lot of angry commuters. One guy went so far as to punch the tube train when he couldn’t get on it. I vowed to never be that aggressive or angry.

While I would say that I’m not that angry, I’ve definitely built up a bit of an intolerance for…well, people I guess.

Just a week after starting my new job, I wrote a post about commuting as a whole, but this is specifically about the London Underground.

My Pet Peeves

1. Not filling the gaps

I’m usually getting on the tube at rush hour, which means it’s generally pretty crammed. Nothing infuriates me more than seeing a bunch of people squashed together because one or two people haven’t moved into a huge space beside them. It’s common sense that a lot of people just seem to lack and it frustrates me to no end. Not good tube etiquette, people!

2. Pole-leaners

I definitely mentioned these people in my last post, but they’re so bad I feel they should be mentioned again. These people are stopping everyone else from holding on to the pole, for their own comfort. I don’t even understand how it is comfortable to lean against…

3. Tall people

Ok, not all tall people. I like tall people, really. What I don’t like is the tall people who don’t consider the short people below them. The number of times I’ve been elbowed in the head because they’re just not thinking is ridiculous. And painful.

4. Dawdlers

Slow walkers are actually just annoying in general: please just get out of my way! But I’ve come across two types of dawdler on the London Underground that make my blood boil.

A. Those who run to the train and then slow down when they’ve stepped on it, meaning that nobody behind them can get on! 🎉

B. People who walk aimlessly along the platform, don’t keep to one side and are extremely slow. There are some people with places to be, the least you could do is let them past.

5. Resting Post-ers

I get that it’s sardines, I really do, but why oh why do you think it’s acceptable to use my body as a resting post? I’ve had phones, books and even somebodies head rested on my back. It must be pretty comfortable. Another downside to being short/small in general.

6. Not moving when you need to get off

Getting off the tube when someone wants to leave isn’t going to make life harder. It actually makes it easier. (Shock, horror). I’m constantly being met with blank faces while I literally climb my way out of the tube, because people are so against stepping off for some reason. I get panicky that I’m going to be stuck on the tube forever because people actually won’t move for me. I don’t think they realise that once I’m off of the tube, there’s going to be more space for them to move into…

Your Thoughts

This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means – feel free to share your thoughts below!

4 Replies to “My London Underground Pet Peeves 🚇”

  1. Omg! Your post really made me miss London today. I read through the list with great interest and have encountered them all! Lol! But you forgot one category … the commuters who try to get on the train before letting the one’s inside step out first! Aaarghhh!!!

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