£10 Asda Food Challenge – Part 1 💰 

On 30th October, I attended the opening event for the new Asda store in Didcot. Before the doors were officially opened, I was given a tour of the store and got to speak to the managers. Judging by the queue of people outside and the lack of larger shops in Didcot, the new Asda has been long-awaited. It was amazing to see the store so pristine and totally stocked – it didn’t last long once everyone was let inside!

I was impressed to hear that the store employees were mostly local residents (about 95%), so there was a real community feel. Store manager, Darren, also explained that because of the relatively small size of the store, they adopted a ‘Good, Better, Best’ approach in order to provide people with a variety of options. The premise is to provide good products (for example bread), with ‘better’ options as well as ‘best’ options. Essentially, hitting every price point while delivering on quality. It certainly made some sense to me!

While the store is a little further from the centre of town, it’s right by the new housing estates, making it the perfect location for residents.

I was thrilled to take part in the process of ribbon-cutting, as well as being handed a hamper full of goodies, which I’ll write about in Part 2! For now, I’ll get on with the challenge…


The £10 Asda Food Challenge

Saving money is hard. Every time pay day comes around, I tell myself I’ll do a better job for the next month, that I’ll only buy essentials and then all the rest can go into my savings. A nice little nest egg.

My nest egg is not nice at all. And the trouble is, food is a big essential. It’s one that I spend pretty much all of my money on too. Just a ‘pop to the shops’ here and a ‘treat myself to Pret lunch’ there. It’s bad, guys. I have a problem.

So this is why I’m going to reminisce on student days (pffft, they were full of Papa Johns pizza) – I’m going to take on a £10 Food Challenge. The idea is to do a £10 food shop that will last you an entire week – Monday to Sunday. 7 days. 21 meals. 21 meals for just £10. I’m going to tweak my challenge slightly, because I don’t have breakfast very often and when I do, I get free breakfast at work! So this will be 5 days of lunch and dinner only, but I’ll also be feeding my boyfriend. Essentially that is £1 per meal, for two people.

The whole concept of this is terrifying to be honest. I’m already thinking about which food-luxuries I’ll miss the most. But in the interest of setting myself a challenge (and saving my bank balance a little too), here goes. Special thanks to Asda for gifting me with a £10 card for my food shop!

The Shop

Wandering around the supermarket, I felt certain I had broken budget. Picking something up that was more than £1 was kinda daunting and I ended up umming and ahhing so much about what I should get.

Here’s what I ended up with:

Tin of Sweetcorn 35p

4 x Baked Beans 98p

Pack of 6 Tomatoes 69p

2 Packs of Baking Potatoes £1

Pack of 3 Peppers £1.29

Pack of Carrots 30p

Curry Sauce 28p

Pasta Sauce 42p

1kg Long Grain Rice 45p

Pack of 3 Onions 57p

Grated Cheese £1.84

Pack of 4 Bagels 69p

Spaghetti 23p

6 Eggs 89p

Grand Total: £9.98


Confession: I accidentally overbought and had to select one item to remove off the list, my original total was £10.78!

Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post next week, with a rundown of how the challenge goes and a few more words about my gifts from Asda. A huge thanks to Asda for sponsoring me in the challenge as well as inviting me along for the opening day!

Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post, but the views expressed are my own. Honesty is very important to me. 

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