I Left My Heart In… George Street Social

I don’t often talk about where I live or the places I spend my time when they’re ‘normal’ every day activities, like grabbing a bite to eat for lunch (when I’ve been naughty and not planned to take something into work from home), or my favourite haunts for catching up with friends.

Well that’s all going to change. I’ve decided to introduce yet another segment on my blog, dedicated to my favourite foodie (and drink-ie) places. And right now I’m going to talk about the George Street Social in Oxford. Otherwise known as hipster heaven.

Back in my uni days, when I was travelling to Oxfordshire/Northamptonshire to hang out with my boyfriend, I popped into the George Street Social to study. It’s pretty handy for that thanks to the plug sockets, the snacks…and the board games for when my essays got really dull.

I hadn’t really visited again until recently…and the first thing that struck me was that it had become a little more of a ‘bar’ than a cafe. All of the hipster settings were still there, but now it’s got a proper bar: I’m guessing that’s designed for the student nights out. Study place by day, then pack away the laptop and start drinking craft beers and all that jazz.

They’ve even just partnered up with the City Club App, allowing customers to pay with their phones and get points for their orders (depending on how much they’ve spent). To me it’s a little bit of a sell out, but at the same time they’re on the money with the market they’re pitching to. Not to mention that there’s 10% off food for students too. They’re a price sensitive bunch!

Still, walking in and recalling my essay-writing days made me nostalgic and I did genuinely feel quite nice about returning there after so long. It was almost like I’d left my heart in there, the way I sat down and immediately felt all comfortable and at home again. Maybe I’m still somewhat student-like in that way. I even pulled out my laptop to catch up on some work (the student essay writer somehow became the full-time ‘just an hour of work at the weekend’ type). I have a (beautiful but incredibly dated) mac, so I fit right in.

Despite being extremely price sensitive (I feel like this is more about who I am than anything when you consider that I’m not a student anymore!), I did indulge in a classic hipster smashed avo on toast deal. And guys – it was delicious.

The thing about hipster places like this is that they only work if they actually deliver. I can make this at home, it’s got to be really good for me to decide to pay a lot for it. But I am genuinely telling you: this was incredible. I can’t stop thinking about it, really.

I’m definitely planning on revisiting to find some more favourites on their menu. When it came to dessert, I did fancy something sweet afterward. Disappointingly, they were out of almost everything I asked for (scones, pastries, cakes). I visited on a Sunday, which I guess explained some of that, but you’d think they’d have learned about their demand by now. I ended up getting one of the only things they had left – a chocolate brownie. I asked if they had cream (I’d seen that on the menu too), but they said no.

That being said, the brownie was actually pretty good. It wasn’t my first choice but I didn’t regret it by any means. I mean…chocolate is always a winner in my eyes.

I was pleased enough that I would definitely go back, it still has a piece of my heart and the food is genuinely pretty good.

Location: George Street Social is very easy to get to, within 5 minutes walk of both the bus and train station in Oxford.

Price: ££

Atmosphere: 3/5 – the place has a nice buzz, but as a result can be pretty loud. I would recommend going during the week rather than the weekend if you really wanna get stuff done.

Food: 5/5

Overall: 4/5

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