Interview with Katie’s Corner

After receiving a beautiful blog header from Katie’s Corner, I was keen to share her work with all of my blog followers. I asked if she’d mind doing an interview with me and she said yes! So here we go…

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Katie! I’m 21 years old, I have a full time job but blog in my spare time. Of course the dream is to blog full time. I currently live in Leicester with my partner.

Why did you start doing custom headers?

Well, I made one for a close friend, and seeing how happy it made her, it just sparked an interest and I continued doing them!
a crush on life

How long have you been doing custom headers?

Around 3/4 months I think?

How long does it take to do each one?

It depends on the request. A simple colour and text one can take literally 15 minutes. But more personalised ones, especially those with flowers, can take up to 40 minutes.

Do you use the same method for each one? Do you use a certain piece of software/draw by hand/other?

I do! I use the same platform for every header, but I buy all the fonts, images etc as necessary.

Personally I think you could definitely charge for headers! Why do you do them for free and do you think you’d ever charge one day?

Thank you so much! When I first started blogging I was so envious of all these pretty blogs and how professional they all looked. So I requested a header from a few different people and every single person charged over £20. I totally understood why of course, these headers take time, money etc. But I just didn’t want to fork out that amount on headers. So I tried my hand at making my own and then offered them to others. And it made people so happy, I don’t think I could ever charge for them, people tell me I’m too nice but it’s literally the least I could give back to this amazing community that has already given me so much.

What other kinds of art do you do?

I actually don’t think I’m that artsy/creative! My headers are as far as the art side of me goes!

Oh Kae

What do you hope to get out of doing custom headers?

Happiness mainly. The messages I get from people honestly make my day. People are so supportive and kind, and it’s so nice to hear how happy I’ve made them when they see these headers on their blogs.

Pet peeves about client requests?

Oh good question! When I get asked to literally copy an exact header I’ve already done but put someone else’s blog name on it.
When they aren’t appreciative of the fact that I do this for free and in my own time. I’ve spent over £100 on the materials I use for headers, the least I ask for is a bit of kindness and respect.
When people don’t tell me when they’ve made one their self or gotten someone else to do one!

There’s a lot of commentary about bloggers “ruining” blogging when they do things for free – what’s your take on that?

It’s all personal opinion – but these opinions I’ve noticed tend to come only from people who have small businesses and rely on this income.

I actually had some twitter drama over this, another blogger who makes headers called me out on that I’m taking work away from her and ruining their businesses by doing this for free. My take is that my designs are different to everyone else that makes headers, if they like your designs, they’ll be happy to pay for them and will still come to you over me. And most of the people that come to me are new bloggers, or people that can’t afford to pay for a blog header. I mean no disrespect to anyone that does what I do but charges, I respect their work, but I also wish they’d respect mine.

Do you have a favourite header? If so, what is it?

Oh this is so hard! I’d have to say this one!
I love any flower design, but I love the colours used in this one, it’s been my favourite of late!

Anything else you’d like to mention or plug?

Come and get your free blog header? Haha!

Since we started this interview you’ve begun charging for headers – why is this?

Well, I had a lot of Twitter drama, again, over the fact that I’m doing them for free. It was exhausting to be honest, and I couldn’t deal with the nasty opinions and horrible people, and it was also explained to me how I can help benefit the small business community if I started charging.

So I decided to start. However, I still do them for free for anyone that cannot afford one!

For people who are interested – what are your rates?

I charge £3 for headers and logos, and £5 for media kits!

Thanks so much to Katie – make sure you check her out!
Twitter: @ktlgh
Instagram: @ktlgh

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