How to blog (and have a life too)

Ah, blogging. 

It’s a beautiful thing (although the word itself is kinda weird). When inspiration strikes and you’re tapping on your keyboard so quickly that you can barely remember what you’re writing, it’s great. Check me out, blogger! I’ve talked a million times about why blogging is so great and what it does to help me vent, rant, relax. But something I’ve never really touched on is how I do it. 

So, I wanted to write a post on how to juggle blogging with full-time work, social events, fitness and exercise, sleep and…Netflix, of course. 

Spoiler alert: it’s impossible. 

1. On your way to work…

I commute to London daily, so about 90% of my blogging time is on the train. 95% of that time is ‘ugh, no signal to save this, woohoo’ and the other 5% is squinting so hard at the screen of my mobile phone that my eyes water and I realise just how tired I am and usually, I start to drift to sleep. I then wake up to discover that I’ve written about three words that could be considered decent and tell myself I’ll do some at lunch, or if not, definitely on the train home. 

Another spoiler alert: I don’t. 

2. On your way home…

See above. Full-time work is exhausting, let’s be honest. I’m actually sat on the train right now and can’t stop yawning. 

The train, on the other hand, is great. I actually love that I get this time to shake off the day (ahem…finish off work a lot of the time…but I love my job so it’s basically the same thing!). By the time I’m home, I’m not carrying any of the stresses of my day with me and I’m just hungry/going for a run/planning on a Netflix binge. Where does blogging come in on the train home? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Hashtag, the train life chose me

3. When you’re home from work…

You mean, being productive outside of work hours? Ok so seriously: I get home at 7pm and I’ve got to exercise (sometimes), cook, eat, make lunch for the next day, spend some actual time with my boyfriend, shower (and wash my hair!) and get ready for bed all by about 10-10:30 (by which time, I can’t even string a sentence together out loud, let alone on digital paper. I honestly can’t remember the last time I used my laptop).

4. But what about the weekends?

Ah, yes! The weekend! Those two days that we can’t help but count down to throughout the week, where we’re going to be social and blog away and catch up on missed tv. 

Tell this to the person who is so exhausted by their week at work that they don’t wake until 11am on Saturday morning. (And I mean, Sundays are designed for laying in, right?). 

Then it’s time to walk the dog, or do the weekly food shop (no time on weekday evenings after all!), mow the lawn, put some clothes in a wash, hang out the washing, tidy the house, go for a run, try and fail to meal prep for the week and catch up with some friends and family if you’re lucky. 

Spoiler alert: if you haven’t worked it out, this post is a teeny bit satirical. 

As bloggers, we seem to feel like we’re letting people down if we don’t regularly update our readers. Sure, they’re fans of our work and they want more of it, but ~true fans~ won’t want you to make yourself suffer over it. 

The intention of this post is to show that not all bloggers are full time bloggers. In fact, a great majority of them aren’t. A 300 word blog post can take days to write, edit, photograph. Yet somehow, these bloggers persist and they write engaging pieces that have clearly been subject to a great deal of effort. 

As a community, those who blog, for whatever reason, are doing so under the immense pressure of daily life. It’s not a simple task, nor is it an easy one. 

But I, for one, think it’s worth it. 

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