Commuter Diaries #1

Ok so it’s been almost 5 days (a.k.a. one working week) since I started my new commute, travelling from Oxfordshire to London every day. 

It’s a long but actually really nice commute (so far, let’s hope I continue to enjoy it!), but I have definitely stumbled across some things about commuters that…well, kind of annoy me. 

I’m not going to lie, I’m an annoying commuter too. I’m the one that literally just makes the train home on time, wearing a million layers which I soon have to remove once seated and stinking of fresh sweat as I’ve practically sprinted up the escalators at Marylebone (NOT taking those stairs). I’m also the one that’s like, excuse me, can I sit in that seat you’ve decided to take up with your bag and generally makes a fuss. I also fall on people when I stand up and the train is still moving. 

And then I apologise profusely every time I bump them, or kick them by accident or god knows what else. And then, I realise we’re on the quiet carriage. So yep, before you think I’m being high and mighty – I’m not. I’m just as bad as the rest of them. 

But there are some pretty bad ones out there, let’s be honest. Here are some of the people I have had the pleasure of knowing – 

  1. Grumpy – it’s early, I know, but that doesn’t give you the right to be mean. 
  2. I can hear every word of your song and you’re literally on the other side of this carriage.
  3. Your bag is not a human!
  4. Why are you on the aisle seat, you’re just making life hard for everyone?!!!??
  5. ‘Your hip makes a really great arm rest‘ – pleasedontdothatthankyouverymuch. 
  6. Please do up your fly, man standing in front of me while I’m sat on the tube. 
  7. ‘I know you were there first, but I want to get on the train before you.’
  8. ‘I can run faster up an escalator than you! Get out of my way!’
  9. Omg like have your ticket ready before the gate guys 
  10. ‘You’re about to get up and I want your seat. So rather than letting you get up, I’m going to stand directly in front of you.’ 
  11. The one who leans against the pole. 
  12. ‘I don’t need this rubbish, I know there’s a bin on the way out of the train but I’M JUST GONNA LEAVE IT HERE!’

Have I missed any?!

Lilly x 

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