Why I Don’t Wear Make Up 

As a blogger who doesn’t slap on more than the occasional lipstick, I almost feel like I’m fighting a losing battle. Why? Because it seems that everyone blogs about make up. Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one out there, it seems that everyone has a palette of eyeshadows or highlighters or whatever they are and they blog about them expertly and I’m not afraid to admit I have no idea whatsoever about make up.

Instead of letting it get me down, I’m looking at this is a unique quality to my blog. I have reasons for choosing not to wear it and I don’t think other people shouldn’t, but I am very intrigued to know if there is anyone else who considers themselves as a successful blogger who doesn’t.

Ok ok, so make up isn’t the be all and end all, lots of people have blogs dedicated to stuff other than what is on their face. But still, my point is that I don’t quite feel part of the crowd.

I’m not one of those people who swans around saying that I don’t wear it because I don’t think I need it or I think it makes me superior somehow. On the rare occasions where I have make up on, I definitely don’t feel ugly and I get way more compliments, so, y’know, brownie points to that! But here are the reasons I choose not to wear it:

  1. More on the ‘medical side of things’ – my eyes are messed up! I am prone to infections and build up of bacteria obviously is going to make it worse, so irritating it by adding make up really doesn’t make sense. I also wear glasses and I feel like I’m basically hiding it anyway, so it doesn’t feel like there’s much point.
  2. I constantly rest my face on my chin/rub my eyes – disaster.
  3. Animal testing – I don’t really know which brands do or don’t test on animals, but by avoiding make up altogether I feel a bit more confident that I’m not perpetuating cruelty to animals. (Yeah, I do know there are lots of great companies who deliberately don’t test on animals, so woooo for them!)
  4. Confidence – like I said, I’m not one of those people who thinks they’re so magically beautiful and gorgeous without make up on, but I don’t feel awful and ugly without it either. I’m more confident when I’m not wearing make up, because it’s so rare that people see me with it on. I guess I’m setting the bar low to avoid disappointment (ha!). To be honest, I think it’s a lot to do with getting into a really great, healthy relationship (which has done a lot of good things for my confidence) and losing the motivation to wear it. And now, I can leave the house without worrying people will judge me.
  5. Spots be gone! – Ok so I realise that some people aren’t this lucky, but the only time I ever have spots is when I’ve worn make up, and covering them up seems to start this vicious cycle of spotty hell and I really just C.B.A.
  6. Money – Honestly, I don’t know how I’d be a semi-functioning human being if I spent all my money on make up. I can really see the appeal, and when I buy lipstick every now and then it makes me wince at the prices of everything! So I obviously have my own other things to binge on, but it helps to take the expense of make up out of the equation.
  7. Finally, effort. – Again, I applaud all of the people I see who manage to look absolutely flawless every day, I know it’s not easy (in my make up wearing days, I looked atrocious even after a good hour of application). I think I’ll always choose a little bit more sleep over getting up and doing my make up properly. Plus there’s cleaning brushes and stuff and ugh… I just wouldn’t even know where to start!

I’m really keen to hear the other side to this – I’m very aware that these are just my measly opinions and there are lots of great things about make up. I’d also love to know if there is anyone else who doesn’t wear it and still manages to get involved in cool blogger events and stuff, because I do feel like I’m missing out a bit!

Lilly x

11 Replies to “Why I Don’t Wear Make Up ”

  1. I think you look beautiful natural. I don’t wear much make up – BB cream, under eye concealer, mascara and lip gloss. It’s very minimal compared to others, but I’d still like to go without one day! Even that small amount feels like an effort every day!! It’s more the taking it off at the end of the night which is a pain 🙂

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    1. Thank you 😇 yeah it really does, I struggle just doing a skincare routine even though my opticians advised to massage my eyes daily! It is definitely a scary step at first but I think I’m just so past being concerned with how other people view me! My glasses are basically my replacement for make up 😂 and yes I totally agree, I hated taking off my make up and I could never quite remove it all either! xx


  2. I have a makeup blog but due to sensitive skin and rosacea, I can’t wear it every day. I can put on a full face maybe 1-2 times a week. Most days, I end up throwing on lip balm and mascara and going about my day. You are beautiful just the way you are. 🙂

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    1. Thank you!! Exactly, I gradually stopped wearing so much until I ended up not wearing any at all and now I just don’t like caking it on! I adore lipstick but that’s pretty much the only thing and even keeping that looking nice is such an effort! Sensitive skin sucks, I know how you feel! xx

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  3. I BLOODY LOVE THIS POST. Contravesial… I blog about makeup, but I hardly wear it, I just love looking at it haha I never wear it to work and it’s very rare we’re doing anything fancy enough to require makeup! So I’m with you on the not wearing it. I probably do feel a bit more confident when I wear it, but most people know me and see me often with out it if that makes sense! I’m glad you feel confident to not wear it 🙂 🙂 xxxx

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