Let’s Talk About Stats, Baby

Stats are like marmite. You either love them, or you hate them. Usually, you find yourself loving them when they’re… I don’t know, crazy off the charts? And then a dip has the capability to ruin your day. You know it does, there’s no point denying the truth now! 

But I want to address why they’re such a big deal to us and… Should they be? 

Stats don’t equal worth

Ok so, the most important thing to remember is that the number of views you’ve had does not equal your worth. This is the case in many ways. 

Firstly, you are a human being who has chosen to write a blog – that is great, really, I applaud you, because it takes courage. You are not a number and nor should anyone let you believe so. 

Secondly, the importance lies in what stats are high, we all know that a tonne of impressions might not mean a tonne of engagements. It’s quality, not quantity, my friends. 

Thirdly, stats are only really important when it comes to big brands who want to get themselves some new customers by sending you stuff to review. There’s no denying that advertising through influencers is the latest craze, but that doesn’t mean we’ve all got to do it. Free stuff is great, as is getting paid to blog, but if that’s your only goal then I feel kinda sad. Blogging starts with passion, and only with passion comes opportunity. 

Comparing with others is damaging

Every single person is unique, I believe that nobody should compare themselves negatively against other bloggers, especially when it comes to how well they’re performing. As I’ve said, impressions don’t immediately translate to engagements. 

Take affiliate marketing (a key channel for bloggers who want to become ‘influencers’). Most retail brands, for example, will likely work on a cost-per-acquisition based model – they’ll pay you a percentage of how much revenue you generate for them. Companies don’t necessarily care if your review had 10,000 views if it didn’t make any money. 
So what does that mean? It means that stats like views aren’t the be all and end all, it means that everyone works differently and it means that you should treat your blog differently to how others treat their own. Focus on what’s important to you, rather than what’s important to some other blogger! 

It takes time

When I first started getting into blogging I wanted to take off and work out how to do so. I read a lot of articles that said a lot of things – the most notable was that it will take you time. Not just a few weeks or months, but years. A lot of key influencers have taken years to get where they are today. You need to build yourself up – you’ll get better as you go along too! 

What can you do in the mean time? 

Work hard on your blog. Spend the time to get it looking and functioning exactly how you want it and build yourself a brand of your own. You’re you, you’re unique and you’re worth following for this very reason. 

Keep writing – so many people give up on their blogs after a short amount of time, because it wasn’t taking off in the way they wanted it to. It’s rare that people become an overnight sensation after writing a post about their favourite lip liner, guys! 

Build relationships – get to know other bloggers, join in with chats on Twitter and read and react to other blogs too – everyone is in the same boat, and most of those who write blogs are also pretty keen on reading them too. I think the biggest part of blogging is the community of people who get involved in it. 

Have fun. Having a blog isn’t all about pleasing other people. Enjoy what you do!

Share on social media – get out there and show everyone how great you are at writing! 

Finally, remember your worth. I can’t stress this point enough. If the blog takes a toll on you, your health, your emotional wellbeing, then stressing about your blog’s performance is really not helping. At the end of the day, for most of us this is a hobby that might one day become a dream job, but until that time comes closer, let’s not stress about the stats! 

Lilly x 


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