December Goals

December is upon us! I know it’s technically been upon us for a few days, but I’m only just registering this fact. Not only am I conscious of all the things I’d like to achieve over the course of the next month, I’m also aware that it’s the final month of the year and therefore, I’ve also got to get all those goals for the entire year out of the way too.

I’ll probably be coming up with New Year’s Resolutions too in January, but I’m not sure why we always limit ourselves to making fresh starts and setting goals for just one month in a whole year (we all know that these resolutions don’t last too long!).

There’s a lot of stuff I really want to talk about at the moment, but these things do have to wait unfortunately. Just watch this space, I guess!

As for the things I can shout about, my biggest goal for December is to keep on track with my fitness. It’s been going well so far, I’m loving my swimming routine and I’ve definitely noticed a change in my body so that’s a plus! My eating habits have been slightly less on track, but it’s a work in progress. I think it’s also important that I don’t limit myself too much, because otherwise I’ll surely crash in an ice cream induced coma if my mood gets really sucky one day! It’s also Christmas season, so I’m cutting myself some slack until the new year.

Money is also a big goal this month. I need to be more strict with spending on certain aspects, especially with a whole new set of tyres and a new pair of glasses (damn worsening eye sight!) thrown into the mix. Budgeting is always going to be a bit tricky around Christmas because present buying and sales etc are kind of unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean I should totally give up trying, right?

I also want to finish Gilmore Girls (or at least just get a bit closer to the reunion episodes). I love it so much, it’s sometimes the only thing that will cheer me up and did I mention I just love it? I had to come home early from work today as I am feeling pretty grim, and between naps on the sofa, Gilmore Girls has seen me through. What more can a person need? I am torn a little because I don’t want it to end, but then there’s always the option to watch it all over again, and at least this way I won’t keep seeing spoilers!

Do share your goals with me guys – gotta team up after all!

Lilly x

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