Gifts for the Stationery Lover – Christmas Gift Guide 3

Happy Hump Day! Today I’m sharing my Stationery Gift Guide (otherwise known as, my favourite thing in the entire world). So yeah, I feel very passionately about pretty stationery, and I’ve selected some of my favourites from the best stationery brands around. As always, my thoughts are totally honest and I have permission to use any pictures that aren’t taken by myself.

So I’m going to start with Papier, a brand I discovered fairly recently. You might remember me rambling on about my beautiful blog planning notepad (see below!). I couldn’t resist making another purchase and I found some stunning note and Christmas Cards, so I can vouch for how perfect these are as a gift!


Kissing Penguins Note Cards – so I decided to break tradition with Christmas cards this year, and I bought note cards instead of proper Christmas cards. My plan is to tape them to the gifts and give them on Christmas day, it’s a bit late in the game by then but I feel it’s more personal that way (plus the actual ability to personalise the letter head), and there’s more room to write nice messages on them this way! I got 10, they came in a lovely box, I can’t fault the packaging that Papier use! It’s so good I don’t want to tear the tissue paper, so I’ve been carefully sliding them in and out when I want to have a look at them!

These designs are by Lucy Eldridge and profits for these products go to charity, which just makes it even better! There are tonnes of really cute designs like the one below, I chose these for the penguins!

Each card is £1.19, or £1.49 if you want a customised envelope.

Papier_LucyEldridge_Stationery_KissingPenguins.jpgMulled Christmas Card – I got this card for my boyfriend (here’s hoping he doesn’t read this post before he opens it…). Our anniversary is just a couple of days before Christmas so this year instead of getting two cards, I decided to get this one. Admittedly it’s a little bit pricey for one card, but then for someone special, I’m more than happy to pay this amount. You can also personalise the card inside, and the fonts available are really really nice, so overall I think I’d buy it again! I also think the design is gorgeous, the designer for this one is Jade Fisher, so be sure to check her stuff out on the website!

The cards are £3.85 each, they can also be bought in sets from £1.35 and in party invitation form!

papier_card_jadefisher_mulledSpring Dahlia’s Notebook – I’ll keep this a bit shorter seeing as I’ve talked a lot about this, but for those who might not have seen it before – this is my favourite notepad ever! The design is really simplistic but absolutely stunning, and some say it’s totally lame but I love that I had the opportunity to personalise it. It’s been so useful in keeping up to date with what’s going on with my blog schedule and gives me a chance to brainstorm too. I also had a go at bullet journaling with this planner and ink doesn’t bleed through the pages. We all know that’s a sign of greatness! You can get it for £12.99.

This is an Emma Block design, also some lovely stuff from her on Papier!




London Christmas Planner – If you’re a stationery geek, you’re pretty likely to also be an organisation geek, and therefore, this Christmas Planner is the perfect gift. With sections for gift planning, food planning and card planning, this is basically a dream. It’s only £10 and it’s so adorable! It also comes with a pen, just for the fun of it! I’m tempted to get one of these for my mum too – she always forgets about presents at Christmas, which usually results in some random boxing day gifts, having a planner to pop in your bag whenever you’re shopping would be so useful. I think the card planner is probably the same – nothing worse than forgetting to put someone on your list!

00559781_100559781_2Gingerbread Man Stickers – I L O V E stickers. (I don’t mean to make this entire gift guide about things I basically want for myself, but as a self-confessed stationery obsessive, I’m fairly certain that anything I love will be anything any other stationery addict would love!). I chose these because they’re obviously in keeping with the Christmas spirit, and they also happen to be ridiculously cute. They’re also only £1!



Paper Ducks

Whatcha Thinkin’ About Post-it Notes – As you guys are probably aware, I’m obsessed with two things – pugs, and post it notes. I came across these on Paper Ducks for £3.50 and immediately wanted to get myself some for my desk at work! If you’ve not seem Gemma Correll’s pug drawings you need to get on board, they’re amazing! I’m fairly certain that a cute post-it can boost your productivity by about 3000%.


Desk Kit – Another necessary piece of desktop stationery is this amazing little kit! For £15, you’re getting pretty much anything you’ll need during the day at work, plus it comes in a handy little tray to keep organised – there is nothing worse than a messy desk. As I suggested earlier – a stationery obsessive is probably a bit of an organisation obsessive too!


Ted Baker Diamond Stapler – Ok, so this one is far from necessary, but why not splash out on something designer? You can go around saying you’ve got Ted Baker on your desk and people might assume it’s a gorgeous handbag and actually…. it’s a £19.95 stapler. But seriously though, it’s pretty fancy and rose gold-y and I’m fairly certain it would make any desk look super cute. Splurge on your stationery loving friends, people!


Pug Positions Notebook – I bought myself this notebook about a year ago and when I came across it on Paper Ducks I just HAD to add it to this gift guide! It’s £8 and endless joy (the longer you look at it, the more features you notice about the pugs and it’s just adorable). This is by the same designer as the post-it notes above were, and yeah, I don’t have much to say other than BUY THIS NOTEBOOK NOW.


Thanks for reading! You can catch up with the series so far here:

Gift Guide 1 – Gifts for the Inner Hipster/Blogger.

Gift Guide 2 – Gifts for the Family Gals and Guys.

Lilly x



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