What does it mean to fail?

Happy Sunday guys. I know Sunday isn’t exactly when I’m supposed to post one of my two posts a week, but my schedule is still sliiiightly off, so let’s all pretend that this was posted yesterday. I’m back on track for the next few weeks, you’ll be seeing all of the gift guides by 17th December and you’ll be getting at least two posts a week – Wednesdays and Saturdays at least!

It’s been a bit manic, and that’s why today’s post is all about what it means to fail. How do we define failure? Why is it so easy to fail?

I do feel it’s right to explain a little bit about the past month or so being totally off whack, but there hasn’t been any major upheaval in my own life to justify it, it’s just sometimes you can’t muster yourself to do more than sit on the sofa and have a cuddle when you get home from work. With all the prepping for Black Friday and Christmas at work, it’s definitely been that for me. But I’m getting things back on track.

Once you fall off the set plan you have for yourself, it’s really easy to keep spiralling. You all know I was attempting to complete NaNoWriMo this month, and honestly, I lasted two days. I would have said, two weeks ago, that this was down to not having time, but I think it’s more than that, I just think it’s not time I have to spend on writing. I’ve dedicated time to my blog, which at the moment is definitely more important to me. I’ve dedicated time to my boyfriend, which is even more important to me. I’ve dedicated time to exercise, which has been a long time coming. I’ve dedicated time to me. I would love to sit and write a novel in a month, but this year just isn’t the time for that. It doesn’t mean I never will, and although it technically means I have failed, I’m calling it a success. Why? Because my blog, my boyfriend, my exercise and my health are all in a better position because of it. I know I could have pushed myself to do it, but sometimes there are things that are worth letting go.

I think as people we are always to harsh on ourselves, I’m certain that if we were to sit and assess every single time we’ve failed in life, something else would have succeeded in it’s place. There is such a thing as pushing yourself too far. It’s not plausible to set so many goals that you’re literally setting yourself up to fail. You can have a day where you feel so inspired to get things done and you can stick to that for as long as you can, but you know that there will be a point where it crashes. And that, my friends, is ok.

So, I gave NaNoWriMo up to take time on the things that couldn’t be pushed aside. And that is ok.

So what are my goals now? To sum in one word – I want to be happy (obviously).

I want to feel good about myself, whether that is achieved by swimming twice a week (which I’m really enjoying at the moment) or by having a quiet night in with a film on, or if it’s baking a three-tier cake and then eating that entire cake. (I’ve not actually done that, but I’m sure it would be fun until I threw up).

Until next time,

Lilly x

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