Gifts for the ‘Family Gals and Guys’ – Christmas Gift Guide 2

Bonjour my petit…pains?

Yeah, I can’t speak French, so I’ll just get on with my shiny new second instalment of my 7 Christmas Gift guides! This week is all about family.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll value family as extremely important.  I’ve scoured the internet to find some beautiful gifts to represent family love. As always, pictures are either my own or are being used with permission, and my thoughts are completely honest.

Personalised Family Photo – Parkside Crafts


I absolutely adore these frames, such a perfect way to show how much family means to you. A gift like this makes such a beautiful decoration for the family gal/guy, those who treasure loved ones as much as I do! There are loads of lovely family quotes around, but the thing about this is that it’s so personal and unique, which makes the gift a whole lot more special. I also love how the dogs are included here – they are very important family members after all! Prices for the frames start at £8.50, with the one pictured £26. Take a gander by clicking here!


Engraved Family Circle Necklace – My Name Necklace

This necklace is more for the mums, but I know that my own would love this kind of thing (just a shame you can’t get more than three names pendants added on to it, but it’s still a lovely sentiment). Without being too big and clunky, this gift gives a whole lot of love, making it perfect for the family guys and gals! As I said, this is certainly more of a ‘mum’ gift, but who is more family orientated than a mum anyway? This beautiful necklace is only £29.90. They’ve also got a Black Friday sale on at the moment – an extra 15% off! What are you waiting for?


Engraved Wooden Photo Frame – Getting Personal


Nothing beats a good old photo frame, right? For the family guys and gals, there is nothing more important than capturing favourite memories and moments – my house is full of little photos everywhere. This frame adds an even more personal touch with the engraved name and date, so whether it’s the birth of someone special, a marriage, a family trip or just a nice picture of your loved ones, it can become even more sentimental. It’s also only £14.99 – gotta love Black Friday!


Family Tree Print – inspiredartprints

Another gift to give to those all important loved ones is this gorgeous family tree print. By using stones instead of the ‘traditional’ tree design, this print is so much more unique! I personally love the idea! For a big family like my own, it’s great too because there’s so much space. This would make a fab gift for anyone who is particularly interested in family history too – I know my mum and my grandparents have extensively looked into our family tree and presenting it like this would mean a lot to them. I also love that these are custom made, so you can decide exactly how you’d like it – another way to ensure the perfect gift. You can get the print here for £30.99 + shipping from the US.


Family Tree Personalised Cushion – The Gift Experience


With the ability to add up to 10 names on this cushion, The Gift Experience has made the perfect gift for close family members (as well as super comfortable obviously!). My favourite thing about this is how beautiful it is, especially in terms of colour – it sits nicely in the house rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. This is great for those who are really strict about having a theme in the house, rather than mismatched bits and pieces. Purchase this for £11.89 here.


Thanks for reading! You can catch up with the series so far here:

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Lilly x

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