What is Fit?

So if you haven’t been following my incessant ramblings on Twitter, you won’t know that I’m trying to be fit and healthy.

Many failed attempts have come before me, but I don’t think this should be a reason not to keep on trying.

But the whole attempt to be fit and healthy has led me to question what exactly fit and healthy is.

So yesterday I ended up doing 76 minutes of exercise (morning swim, lunchtime walk and dog walking in the evening), and I didn’t have a single unhealthy snack all day. I felt good about myself, but several times throughout the day I did feel cravings for all things bad. In fact, I had an unfinished pot of Pringles and an open bottle of Ginger Beer taunting me, as well as work colleagues who waved chocolate in front of my face to see if they could break me!

I don’t know if that’s what I’m supposed to feel? Am I supposed to be fighting urges all day, or will get easier the more I stick to a new routine?

I’ve spent 21 years of my life having never had to restrict my diet, having always been underweight, and now that I’m suddenly taking a real look at it, I don’t even know where to start. (I realise this makes me sound ridiculously privileged and a bit stupid, but my metabolism took a whole lot of time to catch up with me!)

Does fit really mean always eating healthier snacks or doing hours of exercise every day?

I mean, in reality I’ve got a very small amount of weight to lose, and it’s not really about that at all, for me it’s about toning up, being able to button up my jeans again.

About a month and a half ago – things may have gotten slightly worse since then!


A big downfall is also that I can’t run, because of a recurring injury. But I can’t use that as an excuse.
So here is my schedule to try and achieve something better than what I am currently!


Breakfast: Granola and yoghurt

Lunch: leftovers from dinner or avocado toasted bagel (I’m hipster ok).

Dinner: This varies a lot, but something packed with veggies and protein.

Snacks: fruit (and yoghurt if necessary!)


Mondays – Zumba class

Tuesdays – Sworkit work out/dog walking

Wednesdays – Morning Swim

Thursdays – Sworkit work out/dog walking

Friday – Morning Swim

Saturday – Sworkit work out/dog walking

Sunday – Swim/Sworkit/Walking

It’s not an incredibly strict schedule, but I’m hoping that it’ll allow me to get 30 mins in a day as recommended by pretty much everyone.

Please do give me tips, I certainly need help!

Lilly x

9 Replies to “What is Fit?”

  1. I am very passionate about health and fitness and currently drafting my top fitness tips, I’ll let you know when I post it. Make sure you don’t get hungry, as your meals aren’t that big. I would also recommend having a bigger lunch than dinner. As after dinner you don’t do much exercise you just sleep so you’re not using what you eat, but you need a big lunch to power you through the day. Make sure you drink plenty of water too!

    Harriet- https://harrietday.wordpress.com/

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    1. Hey Harriet, thanks for your advice, that sounds like a much better idea! Would you recommend basically switching those meals around then or changing portion sizes? Water is my biggest problem, I often get dehydrated because I’m so bad at remembering to drink enough, tempted to get one of those bottles that have the recommended amounts on them! Thanks so much for your help! Definitely would love to read your top fitness tips xx

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      1. You can do either it doesn’t matter! I would recommend a little carbs at lunch to power you through the day, try and stick the wholemeal products. I feel like one of those water bottles would help. Have you tried fruit infused water? It makes me drink so much more and tastes great!!

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