6 months

The last 6 months have absolutely flown by. My life has changed drastically over this time, and I felt it would be good to write a post reflecting on a number of the changes – the good ones and the bad ones. A little cathartic, a little nostalgic and a lot optimistic! 

So…what are the big things that changed for me? 

Well I finished university and got to wear a funny hat at my graduation ceremony.

I also got my first full time job.

I learned, as most people do at some stage in their lives, that people won’t always stay around. No matter what they say.

I officially moved out of my parents home. No going back between terms – no room to return to.

I went to Zumba. Once.

3 months ago, I moved in with a boy. (Yes, I’m thinking of that scene in Friends).

I started blogging properly again.

And last but not least, I made some fantastic new friends.

So it’s been a wild ride. Of course, it’s not been completely easy making so many big transitions in such a small period of time, but to be cliche, I’m fairly sure it’s been worth it. 

Today marks 6 months since I started working full time in digital marketing, which is why I felt it appropriate to post about it today, but to say that work has been the only major upheaval would clearly be untrue, all of the above considered! I’m currently sat on a train heading into London for a seminar with my colleagues, and I’m casting my mind back and wondering how on Earth I got here. I’ve definitely worked hard, I sought out an internship in my second year of university so that I could be here, but there’s always that feeling of disbelief. It’s so recent that I was just some girl working her way through life at normal plodding pace, with goals of course, but I had no idea whether I’d achieve them. I’ve still got goals and I still don’t know whether I’ll achieve them, but I feel like I’m slowly ticking off the list of things I want to do with my life. 

Having a job isn’t just about getting paid – I understand that’s a pretty big part of it, but so is following your passion, chasing after the thing that excites you most. For me, digital marketing is that thing. 

Not many people could understand why I chose this path, I have a degree in English and Creative Writing, it’s not exactly the most vocational of courses but without the physical act of doing that degree, I wouldn’t have found out that I wanted to do Marketing. I’m not exaggerating, that’s a fact. 

And now I’m here, 6 months in, with a world of opportunities at my fingertips. There’s so much more to learn and thankfully, time isn’t something I’m short of. 

I do miss studying, as sad as that is! But I used to love organising my notes and strategically planning essays and revising…I was a weird student. I’m glad I’m not so stressed now, and that when I get home I don’t have to start writing the next essay, it’s just my time. Work can be busy of course, but it’s not like a weight on my shoulders all of the time, that’s something I really didn’t like about uni. 

It wasn’t so much deadlines, because I feel I work better to a deadline, but the fact that these essays were given so much importance that it did sometimes take precedence over health. 

Work is important to me, don’t get me wrong, but I know when I’m at my most productive, and that’s never going to be laying in bed with a banging headache. 

Anyway, as I rattle on about full time work, my train is fast approaching the station and I feel the need for breakfast! 

Maybe I’ll update you on the other life changes at some point, but at least we’ve covered the biggest one now! 

Lilly x 

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