Gifts for the ‘Inner Hipster/Blogger’ – Christmas Gift Guide 1

Hello, hello, hello! As promised, here is the first instalment of my seven week gift guide series, leading to the big C H R I S T M A S. Yes, I’m excited – can you tell? At work, we started planning our Christmas marketing strategy way back in September, so I think it’s a small miracle that I’ve not burst with excitement before now. For some of these, I have collaborated with brands who have supplied me with images/products, but you’ll always get my honest opinion either way. All images are either my own or supplied with permission to use!

I thought I’d kick-start with some of the perfect gifts for the hipster human (basically, for all us bloggers out there amiright?). I’ll get on with it, hope you enjoy!

A Cactus/Succulent.

Not only do they make excellent additions to a flatlay, they’re definitely the easiest plants to keep alive. There is also so much variety, so you’re bound to find the right one for whoever you’re giving it to. I got mine (good old Geoffrey the Cactus) from a plant sale at university just over a year ago, and it’s still alive – a small success for Lilly. I’d definitely recommend picking one of these up at local plant sales/garden centres because you can actually see their quality and find something unique to suit whoever you’re buying for.


I came across this site called Crocus and they sell succulents in a picture frame, it would make such fantastic wall art and as I said, it’s ridiculously easy to keep. It’s only £14.99 and I’m seriously tempted to gift it… to myself. Take a look at it here.


Another obvious one, but candles do also make great flatlay additions. They also smell great and create a lovely atmosphere. Also, you can find a candle pretty much anywhere, but I thought I’d share a few of my personal favourites…

Jasmine and Bergamot

Mulled Wine

Strawberry Kiss

Twine, Pegs and Prints. 

The first thing I did when I moved into my new house was putting together a little string of photos and hanging it up on the wall. It’s such a great way to display memories and it just looks so cute. It’s a cheaper way too, which is probably why it’s such a hipster thing

Here’s the one I made, and links to the twine, pegs and prints that I bought!


Twine – JEMPAK UK on Amazon

Pegs – Pinzhi on Amazon

Photos – My boyfriend ordered the bigger photos in the spread through Sticky9 and the smaller ones were a gift from my little sister. There are so many great websites to print photos from!

Egg Poachers. 

For the true hipster, nothing quite beats avotoast with a poached egg on top – right? I found these really cool egg poachers from Tesco. It is so much easier to get the round shape (without swirling the water first) as well as cooking it to the right spec. Such a win and makes beautiful poached eggs…

Novelty Shirts.

I don’t mean ‘my brother went on holiday and all I got was this lousy t-shirt’. I mean shirts with prints that are a little unusual, but totally fit with the little hipster theme that people have got going on. Like, take the Cactus shirt for example:

I got this one from Topshop, but I also find that H&M has a great variety!

Punny Mugs.

Providing a few moments of hilarity to your day, a punny mug is an excellent way to share the love. Let’s face it,everyone has one. You don’t? Nope, I don’t believe you.

Despite being totally mainstream, a good funny mug makes for perfect ‘cup of tea’ Instagram shots, brightens your day obviously, and also just looks a bit more exciting than a plain one. Do people even own plain mugs?

Here are some of my personal favourites…

Culture Vulture Direct do some great mugs.

The collection at Find Me A Gift is also pretty cool!

And this beauty from ASOS

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, stay tuned for the next in the series on Monday/Tuesday hopefully!

What would you get for your hipster/blogger friends?

Lilly x

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