Blogger Event Guest Post – Blogtober Day 29

So Fran and I met up for the Bloggers Hub/Bloggers Who Brunch event last weekend and we decided to guest post on each other’s blogs about our day… here is what Fran had to say! 

Well where to begin…

Saturday 22nd Oct, the big day… my first ever blogger meet up. I was more apprehensive than nervous about the event, I just completely did not know what to be expect, what everyone would be like etc. Turns out it was not too shabby and everyone was lovely.

Lilly & I decided to meet before hand thank goodness… probably one of the things I hate the most is walking into somewhere full of people, alone! So we met at Oxford Circus and did a quick bit of shopping/had lunch (always have to plan everything around food). Then it was time for the event.

The space the event was held in was beautiful, very ‘instagrammable’ – good word. Before hand we had been sent an email about what would happen during the day & some things that were happening, eg. you could get your nails done, there were lola’s cupcakes etc. The venue was super cute, there were drinks on the side, along with cupcakes, and there was even a balcony (although it was pretty nippy outside).

The event itself didn’t have much structure, we were all just able to chat, take pictures, film etc. Which was great as you got to have a long proper conversation with people, instead of trying to fit everything into 140 characters on twitter!

Its a weird one blogger events, as I had spoken to quite a few people on twitter that were attending, but actually seeing bloggers face to face my immediate thought was ‘are you sure thats them… don’t make a tit out of yourself by walking up to the wrong person’! The other issue is referring to people as their twitter name and not their real name!

It was super lovely to meet everyone, be able to chat about blogging & just general life. Why everyone started their blogs, where they see it going, what topics they write about etc. Talking to anyone who is a blogger is always a good way of getting inspiration – when I left the event I was like ‘right lets get on this blogging thing’. Especially for me as I haven’t told any ‘real life’ friends that I have a blog, so its a bit harder to discuss it with them!

I would love to attend more blogger meet ups, I think they are so useful and fun. So many bloggers are so talented in different areas of bloggers, its handy to pick up tips and tricks along the way at meet ups.

Thanks for reading,

Fran x 
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