Lessons about Love – Blogtober 27

I try not to throw a lot of soppy posts out at once, but it appears that today, all I want to talk about is love. Gross, right? 

Joseph and I moved in together just 2 and a half months ago, we’re learning how to get on with each other in a whole new environment. I know we’re in a whole new honeymoon period, but I can’t help thanking my lucky stars that I get to come home to someone who loves me. 

So here are some things I’ve learned about living together, and I look forward to learning even more!

1. Just because you don’t say the words 24/7, doesn’t mean you don’t mean them. Less is more sometimes.

2. Get annoyed at each other, talk about it, just don’t take it out on the other when you’re having a bad day. 

3. Do the washing up!

4. Love is when you get home to find he put your clothes in the wash. 

5. Even better if he remembered to separate the lights and darks. 

6. Compromise is key.

7. Get your own duvets – literally the best decision ever. I love cuddling as much as the next person, but when cuddle time is over, we don’t fight over duvets and we don’t wake each other up in the night. Also I feel like I have a personal relationship with my duvet, one that not even my boyfriend can get between!

8. Cook together. Romantic AF. 

9. Don’t forget date night – it’s easy to get into the habit of spending so much time together, that you don’t really take time out that is special. Go out for dinner occasionally, or just sit and watch a film together without phones getting in the way!

10. Talk. It sounds stupid, but my favourite thing about living together is talking. The other day, Joe got home late and we sat up for half an hour chatting…it’s just time that I treasure so much.

11. Take time for yourself – We used to spend pretty much every weekend with each other before moving in together, now it’s actually really nice to do something different, see friends and know that we’ll be coming home to each other at the end of it. 

12. Take each other’s advice (they’ll know if you haven’t now!)

13. Be yourself – farts and all. 

14. Motivate each other – want to lose weight? Need to hit a goal? Give each other inspiration, encourage each other to keep going. (Gonna need this for NaNoWriMo!) 

15. Love each other. That’s why you live together, right? Cherish your time together, and don’t take it for granted. 

Peace kids,

Lilly x 

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