The Eczema Struggles – Day 23 of Blogtober

Ok, so this is a bit of a rantier post than usual, but I’m kind of hoping that if I talk about it someone out there will be able to offer me some amazing advice on how to deal with the bane of my life: eczema. 

It was only about 4 months ago that I started noticing these little bumpy blisters on my little fingers, they were itchy and no matter how much I would use hand cream, they weren’t going away. 

Then it started to spread over some of my other fingers, and on my hands, so I decided I’d go to a doctor and find out what was going on. Turns out I have pompholyx (which you can read about here). 

Basically, it’s a reaction to anything from heat, to cold, to stress…literally it seems like everything flares it up. So here’s a list of reasons as to why it SUCKS:

1. I can’t use anything scented…say goodbye to gorgeous scented hand cream or soaps, I have to use this awful cream that smells like PVA glue and it doesn’t even really work that well.

2. My hands are itchy and sore 24/7.

3. Like seriously, I wake up at 3am with itchy fingers and I can’t sleep until the itching stops.

4. The prescription cream I have thins my skin out, so it breaks easily and is really tender. I often get open sores where my fingers bend, which take ages to heal.

5. I can’t even wash up without pain! Hot water really irritates it, and even marigolds don’t really help.

6. It somehow warped the way my nails grow, so I now have what my sister affectionately refers to as a ‘witch finger’ where the nail that has grown is all bumpy and gross. Ew. 

7. Now that the weather is getting colder, my skin is drying out way more than usual, which means more skin breaking and more itching.

8. I can’t take nice nail shots, because my hands are so gross.

9. I can’t cook with anything acidic without a flare up. Lemons and limes are like death to my fingers!

10. It isn’t going away. Apparently pompholyx is something that comes and goes, but mine is just getting worse. Each time I think it’s healing and getting better the blisters rear their ugly heads again. 

So sorry for the kind of gross post, but I’m longing for some relief – if anyone has had this and can offer guidance, please do! 

If nothing else, empathise with my pain! 

Till tomorrow,

Lilly x 

4 Replies to “The Eczema Struggles – Day 23 of Blogtober”

  1. I’ve had eczema for as long as I can remember, so I feel your pain! It does come and go, but unfortunately for me, it’s not going at the moment! The problem I have is that because I’ve had it so long, I have a really bad habit of scratching spots/scabs etc so I just make things worse for myself really. And it definitely depends on the weather/heat too! I hope it gets better for you soon!

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    1. Glad I’m not alone! I had it when I was baby and sometimes it comes up on my scalp but this is the first time I’ve had pompholyx! What a nightmare! I think the change in the weather has definitely made a difference 🙂 hope yours gets better too! I’m going back to drs in a week or so, fingers crossed they’ll give me another cream to try! X

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  2. i’ve had eczema FOREVER and they said it would go by my teens…obvs didn’t. the only thing that’s ever helped for me is prescribed steroid creams called eumovate and betnovate (a really strong one). i think you can get eumovate in boots without a prescription for about £6?
    i’ve also heard a lot of good stuff about lush’s dream cream being good for eczema and i’m going to try that as well. hope it gets better! x

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