Q&A – Blogtober 22

I’m currently sat on the train heading towards London for an event held by The Bloggers Hub, and then off to spend the rest of the weekend with my closest friend from uni. It’s certainly going to be a good one! 

I thought it was about time I got round to answering some of the questions you guys asked me, I’ll try to keep my answers short but I know I’m very chatty…

Why did you choose to start blogging? The Storyteller

I chose to start blogging about three years ago after I finished my a-levels. It was definitely partly because I was bored and partly because I wanted to have some good writing experience under my belt before I went to uni. To be honest it wasn’t a completely successful venture, and even throughout uni I just didn’t give myself the time to sit down and do it, so I just wrote the occasional ranty piece and that was it. 

Just about a month and a bit ago, I decided I’d have another crack but actually make an effort this time, I really miss writing and the ability to be creative and honest and just set myself time to sit and write is a great way to fill the void! I definitely want to keep it up this time, and thanks to Blogtober I’ve written more in a month than I ever did over the course of three and a bit years prior to it!

When you run out of inspiration what do you do? – The Moaning Mummy

Having gone through three years of really having to write whether inspired or not, I feel like I have cracked this ever so slightly. Sometimes I choose to freewrite or mindmap until something of substance starts to come together. There are also loads of great blog ideas out there, when I was planning Blogtober I had a peek at loads of different lists and some definitely stuck out for me. I wanted to make them my own though, so once I have a base idea I tend to mindmap where I could go with it. Basically, I love a good mindmap! Finally, I look through old photos, there are often snaps relating to a great memory that I had forgotten about, or actually just pictures that I took with the possibility of writing about it later in mind. They usually inspire me, and these are the more heartfelt pieces too. 

There are definitely moments where none of these work, in terms of blogging I’d share something old. (Take my ‘Something Different’ post, for example. Great when you feel too ill to write!) 

Galaxy or Dairy Milk?  – The Moaning Mummy

Asking the important questions! Ok so this is actually a difficult question, my heart says Dairy Milk but I reeeally love pretty much any Galaxy bar. It’s so much smoother!  

What/who inspired you the most to start blogging? – @Shauna_Byrne

A bit of a repeat on the above, so I’m gonna change the question eeeever so slightly and talk about who continues to inspire me to carry on blogging! And the answer would be all of you guys! The fact that people actually read my posts and like/comment, and that everyone else is also working so hard to get their post out there, is really motivational for me. It’s not just about numbers, I don’t have hundreds of followers but I have a number of great people to share with and that’s wonderful!

Would you like or even be able to go live in a different non english speaking country? Are you sure? Why? – @mistamun

God knows I’d find living in a non-English speaking country difficult, seeing as I can barely speak English as it is! But honestly, I would really like to! I think if I had to choose anywhere in particular I’d choose Germany (I know they speak English there, so technically a bit of a cheat, but I’d still have to learn the language!) because I already know the very basics in terms of language, and I absolutely loved it when I there a couple of years ago, it’s a beautiful country. I think it would be an interesting, certainly difficult, but overall a worthy challenge. I think it would also build my confidence as I’d basically be thrown in the deep end. 

And that’s all! Thanks for the questions guys! 

Lilly x 

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