Sniffles – Day Nineteen of Blogtober

At 5 0 clock this morning, I found myself laying awake, with a thumping headache. I sighed and finally admitted to myself what I’ve been trying to deny all week – I needed a day off work.

hate missing work, I feel so out of sync and in between naps and episodes of Gilmore Girls I’ve been checking my emails just to make sure everything is running smoothly. The brands I work on feel like my babies.

But there is a time to stop, and when your body is telling you to, you should listen. So today has been a duvet day. I embraced the sick life and made soup and bread for lunch. Discovered the soup was three years out of date, I wonder why I got ill??? (But no, seriously, it was fine. I feel like I took part in an Ashen’s video without intending to).

Unfortunately I’m not feeling much better, but I have taken the rest day to watch Gavin & Stacey and Gilmore Girls on a loop, and I even got round to making an Instagram account just for my blog. It’s very new and very empty, please fill it with followers! I will follow back!

I’ve also spent my day reading up on blogging, I’ve discovered some new blogs to follow so it’s been good in that respect! I’m now home alone for the evening so going to whip up some dinner, catch bake off and maybe make some cookies if I’m feeling well enough for it (here’s hoping!).

I’m so sorry for such a short (and boring) post, I hope to be back to normal tomorrow!

Lilly x


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