Blogging Favourites – Day 18 of Blogtober

Again, I am sat in bed feeling pretty damn unwell. Therefore, I haven’t got much energy to sit and write anything of substance. I thought this would be a good opportunity to share some of my favourite blogs that I’ve come across so far (I’m pretty sure I moved over to WordPress a month tomorrow, so that’s close enough timing for my liking).

Take a look below, and feel free to share some of your favourites too, I’m always keen to discover new people. (Please note that if I haven’t shared your blog that doesn’t mean I don’t love it. 1. I’m ill so I’ve probably forgotten some favourites and 2. The post would be wayyyyy too long if I included everybody. It’s safe to say, if I follow you, I love your blog!)

I absolutely adore A Page of Me‘s daily update for Fitober. She is the motivation I sincerely lack, and while my own attempt at Fitober has dwindled very quickly, Fran has managed to keep up the hard work (whilst also bringing me the entertainment of newborn puppies). I’m in awe! I’m really excited to be meeting Fran at the weekend, we’ve discovered that we’re very similar people so it should be a great day! Keep your eyes peeled for some collaborations…! Check out Day 18 of Fran’s Fitober here.

Next is the lovely Jasmine Leah. Again, I see a lot of similarities between us, but to be honest the things I love the most about Jasmine’s blog is the combination of honesty and raw talent – especially when it comes to her poetry. I think one of the first posts I saw of hers was this poem, it was so powerful it struck a real chord with me. Totally worth following!

I read a post about strangers, and how they affected Rachel throughout her life. To begin with, I just have to recognise that Rachel’s attitude towards life, her confidence to travel alone and her writing skills are just incredible. I thought this post in particular was so amazing, it had me longing to have memories of people such as hers one day. What a lucky lady!

For her fashion expertise, I have to recommend EllRachel, who managed to tempt me to buy a jacket in the first post of hers that I’d read – excellent work! She was really helpful in making the decision whether or not to buy the product, and I find that all her reviews are honest, which is a big plus.

Last but not least is my good friend Max over at Avocado Highway. I’ve known him since we were little nuggets starting out at high school, but it’s not loyalty that has encouraged me to share his blog with you guys! Max’s blog mixes travel and food (two of most people’s favourite things, right?) and both the food and the travels look amazing. He’s a pretty damn good photographer if I say so myself, and despite knowing him for so long I am yet to try his poached eggs or his guacamole. But they’re totally on my bucket list! His blog has just started out, but it’s looking fantastic so far. Check him out!

I’m going to sleep now. At 9pm. Ill life is fantastic.

Lilly x

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