Confessions – Day 16 of Blogtober

Everybody has secrets, things they feel guilty or ashamed of, or just don’t want to share. I was driving home the other day and remembered something that happened last year, which embarrassed me so much. As a result, I came up with an idea for a blog post. My hope is that this is more humorous than depressing, it’s good to get things off your chest. 

1. The memory driving home the other day – last year I was driving somewhere and was on a roundabout, the guy in front of me stopped right in the middle of going round the roundabout, so I beeped at him to tell him keep driving, then I saw the funeral procession that he’d let onto the roundabout… 

2. When I was younger, I watched an episode of Eastenders and thought it was the norm to slap ya boyfriend round the face when he makes you upset. Year 6 “boyfriend”, I’m so so sorry. 

3. My parents had a mug full of coppers when I was growing up, I nabbed a few 2ps for sweets from the mug. My mum said, wow you have lots of 2ps, it’s like you took them out of the mug! Vehemently denied, forever felt guilty. She totally knew and I will never do it again! 

4. Ok this one is just so embarrassing and was a deep dark secret until I told my boyfriend and he just kinda told everyone (thanks), but I totally can’t ride a bike. Don’t know why, because I was fine at it when I was younger, but I literally just can’t do it now. I’ve tried! The header image of this post is me sat on a tricycle. 🙈

Yeah, the phrase ‘it’s like riding a bike’ really doesn’t stick with me. 

5. Earlier this year I was sitting in the English Department at university moaning about how useless a lecturer was to some friends. He was right behind me, he just laughed and walked off while I sunk into the sofa. 

6. I have a habit of pronouncing words wrong, apparently. When I was the ripe old age of eighteen, I said ‘among’ and someone turned around and said, you do realise it’s not pronounced like that right? 

7. Same thing happened the other day when I said ‘peripheral’…

8. Only a few days ago, I was panicking because a website looked weird at work. Called my boss over after I was sat trying to work out the issue for a while. Turns out, I had my browser zoomed in. 

9. I walked in on a roommate in the bathroom, I knew she’d be embarrassed so later on I said that I hadn’t seen anything. I’d seen everything. 

10.  I was brought up taught never to swear, so I won’t do it. When I went up to high school I saw a swear word written on someone’s locker and assumed it meant something entirely different (and innocent). I was having a conversation with my older sister a bit later on and I said the word. She was horrified and I thought I was going to be in so much trouble! 

Share your embarrassing confessions below and relieve me of the shame! 

Lilly x 

4 Replies to “Confessions – Day 16 of Blogtober”

  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!!
    Probably one that everyone’s done… I went to call for the teacher at school but accidentally said mum!
    Fell down the big ‘entrance way’ stairs at school – infront on the whole assembly.
    Tripped up getting on the school bus & split ma lunch everywhere!
    Basically my whole life in secondary school was an embarrassment!

    Funny you wrote that you can’t ride a bike… I just bought a bike and haven’t used one in ages, so ill let you know how that goes!
    My fave is definitely the roundabout funeral situation!!

    Liked by 1 person

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