A Letter to my Teenage Self – Day 15 of Blogtober

I’ve already written to my future self, so it only feels right to write to my younger self too.

Teenage Lilly,

It’s been a long time since I thought about you. I’ve stopped dwelling so much on most of the things that you find yourself concerned with.

Don’t worry, you’ll get into university, you’ll graduate and you’ll be proud of yourself.

You’re going to have some bad days. In fact, let me just be brutally honest, you’re going to have some bad months. You’re going to lose people you hoped you’d never lose, and you’re going to find it hard to accept, it’s going to hurt. But you know what? You’re going to come out the other side, much much stronger than before. Spend time with your loved ones before it’s too late. Don’t lose sight of who is important to you.

Please don’t be such a granny. At 21, you’re going to be working full time, you’re going to have an early night most of the time and you’re going to wish that you had let loose a bit when you had the chance. I’m not saying go out and get drunk every night, but try to make more effort to socialise and not be such a party pooper.

In the same breath, keep studying as hard as you are right now. You’re gonna ace your A-Levels but uni is gonna be really difficult.

Don’t be upset about the end of your sixth form relationship. Everything is a learning curve, take the lessons and move on. There’s a pretty great guy just around the corner.

Save your money. Future you is poor AF and kind of hates you a little bit.

Accept that friendships have naturally come to an end, but don’t cut off from them. Closing off and isolating yourself is just as bad as pushing for something that has flopped. Strike a happy balance.

Keep staying up until 3am because the book you’re reading is so great you can’t put it down. Keep crying under your duvet when you reach the really sad bit and keep holding that book to your chest when you’ve finished and you’re not ready to let it go yet. You’ve stopped doing that, but you miss that feeling a lot.

Keep writing. Future you is about to embark on NaNoWriMo. Future you wishes she had started at your age.

Stop running, your ankles are gonna hurt so much that you can’t do it anymore. Take up swimming or get a gym membership and get into a good routine of fitness. Future you would love to have that regime.

Also, eat better food. Stop being fussy and just eat healthier food. Eat peas until you like them (you will actually like them one day). Try new things (but not sushi, you won’t ever like that – trust me! And probably not mushrooms either…). Train yourself into thinking that junk food is a treat, not a crutch to comfort you when you’re down.

Keep taking pictures, collect these memories.

Find a reason to be happy every day.

Rest assured that you’re going to have a great future.

Lilly x

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