Feeder Live Review: Blogtober Day 13

When a gig opens with your current favourite song, you know it’s going to be a good one. 

It’s about 3 and a half years ago that the guy I was dating (he became my boyfriend, huzzah!) introduced me to Feeder. One of our first ‘dates’ was just us laying on the floor listening to a Feeder record (had to put our heads right beside it because he hadn’t wired up the speakers yet – how romantic!).

Whilst I was falling for the boy, I was falling for Feeder too. For obvious (sentimental) reasons, they’re a band I hold close, but I actually genuinely adore them for their talent. It’s rare to come across a band with such versatility, a band who can pull off pretty much anything. 

Last night, in the opening of what was by far the best gig I’ve been to, I was overwhelmingly happy. Like, so happy I actually cried. But let’s get on to the music! 

So they opened with ‘Another Day on Earth’, a beautiful number from All Bright Electric which you can tell comes from the heart, it’s on par with songs like ‘Quiet’ and ‘Yesterday Went Too Soon’ in it’s complete rawness, like a knife to the heart…but somehow still enjoyable! With all the pre-show build up, starting with a slower song was actually a really good (and really brave) move. They pulled it off amazingly and went straight into a song that everyone knew, which packed even more of a punch. (I honestly can’t remember which song this was, I think possibly ‘Feeling A Moment’ but my blubbery emotional self just sang along and can no longer remember!). I think they then played ‘Universe of Life’ from the new album…bit of a blur but an incredible blur!

In terms of song highlights, those were definitely up there. They also played ‘High’ (after a little speech from Grant about how you could definitely get away with more in the 90s…I wonder what he was referring to!). They played ‘Lost & Found’, ‘Tender’, ‘Come Back Around’ and ‘Renegades’ – to name a few of the many songs on the set list! It was just amazing to witness the variety of music they’ve produced over the past 9 albums. 

Of course, they had to bust out ‘Buck Rogers’, which went down a treat. I loved how they tried to keep it a mystery for as long as they could, drawing it out really slowly at first. 

Feeder came back out for an encore, and they treated us to more than just one song! They played ‘Sweet Sixteen’,’Seven Days in The Sun’ and ‘Infrared-Ultraviolet’, finishing with ‘Just A Day’, which apparently is a thing they do at all gigs. In the end we got about 1 hour and 40 minutes of incredible music. 

Another thing that impresses me about Feeder is that they do this for the love of the music. Our tickets were only £25, compared to the absolute rip offs you seem to find these days. I even splurged on a band t-shirt, which looks amazing (if I say so myself). 

I think there are still tickets left for their remaining stops on the tour, which you can get here – you can also pick up the album and other merchandise. 

I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

Lilly x 

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