Footloose Musical Review: Blogtober Day 11

This weekend, I went to see the stage adaptation of Footloose. It’s one of my favourite films, the kind I cuddle up on the sofa with my mum and my sisters to watch, singing along and generally just adoring the whole thing. Possibly a little bit shameful, but I definitely prefer the 2011 version! Kenny Wormald was a big crush of mine for a little while…

So to sum up, I had big expectations and a high bar set for the theatre production. The Sell A Door Theatre Company have toured the U.K., and I went to one of the last stops, but you can still catch it in Sunderland and Milton Keynes. Before I went, someone told me that Gareth Gates was going to be in the show, which made me think it was going to be a bit rubbish, but surprisingly he was excellent. Obviously I need to let go of 2003 Gareth a bit. 

‘Footloose’ is an amazing song, and my love for it filled me with excitement. We took a super excitable pre-show selfie:

The show had a bit of a slow start, and not everybody had completely cracked their accent, which was pretty distracting – for someone who didn’t know the story line already, I’m sure it would have been tricky, because I found it hard enough to follow despite knowing it pretty well. 

After the interval, the show improved vastly. It picked up pace, and the characters had a chance to grow. The plot was also a lot clearer! 

For the die-hard Gareth Gates fans: yes, you get to see a fair amount of him – he even takes his top off! 

Lilly x 

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