Autumn Outfits – Day 9 of Blogtober

Now that Autumn has well and truly landed upon us, I decided to document my favourite outfits for the season. This is what I wore over the past week…



Jumper from H&M, Jeans from Tesco. This outfit is so cosy, the jeans aren’t restricting at all (big win for me with my permanent little food baby) and the jumper is lovely and soft – I do wish it was slightly longer but for autumn weather it’s fine!



New Look jacket, Topshop scarf and Zara jumper. I’ve had this scarf for so long and it’s such a staple, I pretty much chuck it on with every outfit and it’s pretty big so it works as a shawl too!



You can’t see a lot of my jumper in this photo, but it is so cosy, a gorgeous thick knit green turtleneck from H&M. The coat and jeans (as seen above) are both from Tesco – I get quite afraid wearing a white coat but it’s really pretty! The boots are from New Look – who currently have an amazing range, totally worth a little binge. There will be another pair of boots cropping up in a post this month I’m sure! (Note that the rips in my jeans don’t reach my knees, because I’m so short…)



This cardigan is from Tesco (it appears I own a lot of stuff from there!), I always end up chucking it on over pretty much anything, especially when I’m lounging around the house. The tunic is from Culture Vulture Direct – apologies for the bad ironing job! I teamed it with a classic pair of black leggings – I don’t even know where I got those – and Schuh boots. This was after a lot of struggling to squeeze them on, and despite them being so ridiculously beautiful, the lack of circulation in my legs isn’t completely worth the pain, so you probably won’t see these beauties again 😦



Another Tesco bargain is this pink jumper, it’s really soft and totally warm, pretty perfect.


After realising that my brown boots were completely too tight, I dug out my old Dr Martens. It had been so long since I’d last worn them, and I’m not sure why because they’re so comfy and so pretty. Definitely a perfect pair of shoes to go with my autumn outfits.

Lilly x

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